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8 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out

8 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out

Some days the idea of leaving your comfortable bed, hitting the gym, and work outing sounds like a form of torture – in fact, it probably sounds like torture on any given day. Luckily, there are less agonizing ways to quicken your heart rate and build muscle mass. Check out a few alternative ideas for working out below!

1. Take A Hike

I’m sure you have heard the rumors about hiking — well, I’m here to tell you the rumors are true! Hiking is indeed a thoroughly pleasurable and exciting way to get your blood pumping. I’d venture to say it’s the best way of working out – hitting the trails or heading to a park can reinvigorate you and make exercise incredibly manageable and enjoyable. Tuning into nature offers a sense of peace hard to come by in the grind of the day-to-day. 

It’s also a great way to relieve stress. Getting movement, whether it’s intense or not, can make all the difference in your mood and ability to cope with what life throws at you.


Going for a walk or a slow jog allows you the time to listen to a new album or a podcast you have always wanted to hear. So, go for a relaxed hike and truly relish in the peace of morning, afternoon, or evening. 

10 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out

2. Lift Your Knees

This may sound silly – but high knees are a simple method of exercising you can easily integrate into the laziest of days. If you are watching a show or movie, take five or ten minutes to stand up and lift your knees as high as you can.


Or, if you’re feeling daring, when you’re taking a walk to the grocery store or even to your car, high-knee your whole way there.

3. Squat It Out

Similar to high knees, squats can also be incorporated into your daily routine: you don’t have to leave your house or set aside time for working out.

Try this: squat 10 times before you grab a snack or drink. Then indulging in a tasty treat and flopping on the couch serves as a reward for a mini-workout. Trust me, the food will taste a little better.  


4. Mow A Lawn

If you have a backyard and access to a lawnmower or if you know someone who could use a helping hand with their own lawn, mowing the lawn can be an easy means of working out; as long as you use a push or pull mower. If you invest in a push-reel lawnmower, like this one here, you can triple or even quadruple the workout potential. And since this type of mower doesn’t use gas, you are lending a helping hand to the environment too!

5. Toss A Frisbee

I believe sports are significantly more enjoyable than following an online Pilates video, and this is coming from someone who possesses a severe lack of hand-eye coordination. Some fun and simple sports to try in your backyard or local park are frisbee, volleyball, soccer, badminton, and softball.

It’s not necessary to play a full-on game: simply grab a partner and pass a ball back and forth in the style of the sport. You’ll get the same amount of exercise and have a grand ole time! Dogs also make great passing partners. 


10 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out

6. Hit The Dance Floor

People who enjoy dancing alone in their room are inspiring. Also, as I’m sure you already know, dancing can be an incredibly gratifying way of working out!

There are many dance tutorials online to sift through and dozens of dance skills you can learn from the comfort of your home. And for an extra fun touch, pick a cute dancing outfit! 


7. Take A Bike Ride

Purchasing a bicycle is definitely a worthwhile investment. Not only is going for a bike ride a great way of working out, but it also serves as an excellent mode of transportation. You can use biking as an opportunity to listen to a podcast or audiobook — like you would on a walk or run — although it is even more crucial to remain aware of your surrounding and stay safe.

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If plugging into your device is too distracting, opt for listening to the sounds of nature or the city; they can be just as entertaining and interesting! Biking is also a great, affordable activity you can do with your friends.


10 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out

8. Start A Garden

Gardening often requires heavy lifting. Whether you start an indoor or outdoor garden, there can be plenty of potential for exercise. Also, gardening is a creative and gratifying endeavor. It’s exciting to see something you planted from a seed grow into something hearty and beautiful. Check out this comprehensive beginner’s guide to starting your own vegetable garden. 

9. Jump Rope 

Okay, hear me out — I know this probably sounds like a strenuous form of working out, which if you are reading this article, you are most likely trying to avoid. However, jumping rope — or skipping rope as some call it — can actually be a splendid pastime and a charming activity to revel in with your friends and loved ones! 


To make it a more fun experience, learn how to do some tricks like jumping with only one foot or crossing your arms. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try some of the tricks in this video!

10. Attempt A Cartwheel Or Handstand

Learning how to cartwheel or do a handstand are great activities for a soft grassy field or a sandy beach. It can also be fun to partake in an activity you probably attempted quite often as a child. If you’re already a cartwheeling pro, try to do as many in a row as you can. Cartwheeling or doing handstands can be an enjoyable challenge and will give you exercise which will (hopefully) result in a good belly laugh (which is great for your abs, I hear.) 

10 Fun Ways to Get Exercise If You Hate Working Out


Do you have your own alternative methods of working out? Let us know in the comments below!

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