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Fun Ways To Flavor Your Water This Summer

Fun Ways To Flavor Your Water This Summer

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, especially during the Summer months! Water can help improve your skin, your hair, and can make you feel more energized throughout the day, but drinking tons of water day in and day out can get a little dry.. try these exciting ways to flavor your water to help you happily increase your water intake!

1. Lemon Blackberry Water

Lemon and water is one of those classic pairs that just seem like they were made for each other- but it’s a tad bit played out. Jazz it up a bit with this recipe this Summer and throw in some blackberries! For every 16 oz of water, add 1/4 of a lemon and 6 blackberries, and PLENTY of ice. Give the fruit some time to infuse into the water (at least four hours) and enjoy it!

2. Peach Honey Cubes

A great way to get a fruity flavor in your water without just plopping the fruit right in there is by making fruit cubes! These are essentially ice cubes filled with fruit, so as the cubes melt your water will become more and more flavorful. To make these cubes, mix a cup of water with a quarter cup of honey. Pour the mix into regular ice cube trays and spoon a healthy helping of chopped, peeled peaches. Pop your tray into the freezer and let them sit overnight! In the morning, add as many cubes as you’d like to a big glass of water and let the heat do its thing! As the day goes by, you’ll start to taste more and more peach!


3. Raspberry Orange Mint Water

Oranges are a great fruit to pair with water because they’re super refreshing and their flavor infuses really well! To make this thirst-quenching drink, combine 1 cup of whole raspberries and one sliced and peeled orange for every 2 cups of water. Add 2-3 mint leaves, and leaves to infuse for about 6 or 7 hours! Once the fruits have fully infused, you’ll have a super hydrating bev to keep you moving all day!

4. Cherry Pomegranate Water

This mix is a little more exotic, but it’s absolutely delish and the combo of tart and sweet fruits will help keep you alert and awake all day long. Start off with 2 liters of water, and add to that a handful of ice, a whole (sliced) pomegranate, and about 20 cherries (halved works best to allow the fruit to infuse into the water). Let this sit overnight, and in the morning it’ll be all ready to go!

5. Strawberry Lemon Cubes

Strawberry lemonade is one of our faves for a summer drink, but with all the added sugar, it’s probably not the best option if you’re looking to stay hydrated. Try adding these cubes to your water for a healthier alternative! Start by slicing up 2-3 strawberries into quarters! Do the same with one lemon, and place the fruit into your ice cube trays at a 2 (strawberry) to 1 (lemon) ratio, and fill the trays with water! Allow the cubes to freeze, and then add the cubes to your water bottle to take with you throughout your busy day! Yummy!


6. Mango Water

Mango is such a great summer fruit, and they themselves are incredibly hydrating! So adding them to your water is an awesome way to make sure you’re drinking enough to keep you on your toes throughout the day. To make this drink, peel and dice one mango and add it to 2 quarts of water. For a little extra kick, grate some ginger and mix that into your water with the mango! Let this mix sit for a couple hours, and dive in!

7. Peach Vanilla Water

This infused drink is just peachy for those long, hot Summer days! To make this drink, peel and slice one peach for every 2 quarts of water. Crush one vanilla bean, and mix into your water. Add your ice, and let the fruit infuse its goodness into the water. Make a big pitcher of this and stick it in your fridge to have a sweet treat ready to go all week when you need a little pick-me-up!

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8. Pineapple Kiwi Passionfruit Water

This water is the ultimate glass of Summer water! The combo of the tropical fruits will take you straight to paradise, and keep you motivated to stay hydrated! Start this drink by preparing your fruit! You will need one cup of diced pineapple, 1 kiwi (peeled and sliced) and 2 passion fruit (minus the seeds and the pulp) for every 2 liters of water. Throw all these sweet treats into your water, and let them sit! In no time at all, you will have the perfect poolside drink to sip on all Summer!

9. Cucumber Watermelon Water

Cucumbers are a classic spa staple, and what better way to pamper yourself this Summer than an ice-cold glass of cucumber melon water?! Transport yourself to a serene, tranquil day spa with this refreshing combo! Add a cup of cubed watermelon and a handful of mint leaves to your water pitcher and let it steep! In a few hours, you’ll be ready to kick your feet up and unwind with this relaxing drink!

10. Coconut Watermelon Cubes

If you’re looking for a little extra hydration on your beach trips this summer, these coconut watermelon cubes are just the thing you need! They will keep your water cold all day, and the extra flavor from the fruit is the perfect beach treat to keep you feeling cool while having fun in the sun! To make these tasty cubes, combine one cup of pureed watermelon (seedless) with an eighth of a cup of coconut water. For a little extra zest, throw in a teaspoon of lime juice. Pour this mix into your ice cube trays and freeze! Throw them into your water bottle in the morning and by lunchtime, your water will be packed with Summer flavor!


Which flavor combo are you most excited to try in your water this Summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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