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Fun Ways To Dress Up Those Boring Jeans

Fun Ways To Dress Up Those Boring Jeans

Don’t feel bad, you are not the only one guilty of being a jean lover. Skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, any jeans could be styled. We, the boss babe, mom babe, tom boy babe, and all my beautiful babes out there all have completely different agendas and styles throughout the day. No matter what, we can dress up those “boring” jeans. 

Coming from someone who never wore jeans because I felt my body shape disproportionate and living in South Louisiana, it’s hot as grits. Wearing skinny jeans would make my legs look short and mom jeans made my butt existent. Jeans were out of the questions to the point I did not own a single pair of jeans. I shall remember the day it all changed and had a jean revelation. I was invited to “Baby Blue Turns Two Blue Jean Party” and with fashion and fabulosity being my mission statement, my disproportionate body was not going defeat me. I found a secret that I want to share with all of you, it’s fairly simple and to many it’s no secret at all; make it work girl. 

We are going on a jean tour of how we can dress up those boring jeans and turn you into the ultimate #JeanBabe. 


Blaze It Up With A Blazer  #BossBabe

The great thing with a blazer is that you can dress it up or down. Blazer with jeans and heels was a huge trend 2017 and still to this day. Now, you will see a blazer, jeans and loafers or mules for a more casual look. When wearing a blazer or a coat it is best to know you can set the tone of the outfit just with that alone. Burlington Coat Factory has many blazers and coats on sale in different colors and patterns to make the outfit pop. Either way, a blazer gives off professionalism and poise and adding jeans shows you trendy and up on your fashion game! 

Cute, Sporty, and Simple #ChillBabe

Simplicity is key. A phase that will never cease. Not all the time you want to dress up and most likely it’s not your personality. So, to all my girls that’s walking around campus or just a simple trip to Target, you do not need to put 6 inch stilettos to look trendy. You taste in shirts are important here because this will be your focus point of the outfit. Rule No. 1 tuck your shirt in or half-way in to give your jeans so shining room. Rule No. 2 if you will buy an oversized shirt and choose not to tuck it in, wear skinny jeans to enhance your body lines. Rule No. 3 when in doubt, crop top it out. Set the tone for cute, sporty and simple by adding ripped jeans to your wardrobe. 


Coolest Mom Ever Jeans #MomBabe

Mom jeans are not just for moms! With this being a trend everyone can relate to, you can dress it up or down according to your day. Typically, you see my hipster and rebel girls rocking these super comfy jeans. How to dress it up? Simply, find a solid shirt, tuck it in, and add a belt. Shoes for mom jeans are usually tennis shoe of your choice, cute sandals and even ankle boots. Whether you are a #MomBabe or not, you will still look cool in these jeans! 


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories #BougieBabe

This is the fun part, who doesn’t love bling? Accessories can spruce up any outfit but especially jeans. Belts must be the most fly accessory piece there is now. It does not matter if you have on a Gucci Belt or a belt from Lola Shoetique, looking for something that will show off your waist line…add a belt! Adding hoop earrings can transform your boring jeans into a sporty look. Glammed earrings can change your jean outfit from simple to drama. Glasses, whether sunglasses or eye glasses, helps complete the look you are going for also. If you looking to add a finishing look, you need to accessorize. It will help set the tone for your jean outfit. 

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Layered Up #TrendyBabe 

Layers on layers on layers. It is proven, that more people wear jeans during the fall/winter months than spring/summer for the obvious reasonings. Layering up your shirts and coats then adding your jeans brings comfort and warmth. For example, skinny jeans, with a sweater, add a coat and then a scarf, super cute. Mom jeans, tucked in shirt, boots, scarf and socks, again super cute and comfy. Layers could make a great fashion statement but understand you can not color outside of the lines too much with it because then it’s entirely too much going on and to look at. I would recommend skinny jeans or mom jeans when it comes to layering just because it still gives your body definition and not getting lost in the clothes. 

Love your body and love your jeans. It does not matter if you are going to the grocery store, date night with the hubby, or casual day at work make those jeans turn into an outfit. My idol Khloe Kardashian, founder of Good American Jeans, quoted, ” “Whenever we bought new jeans, it was hard for us to find a pair that fit our body types, and even when we did they’d always need alterations. We knew if we both had this problem, there must be tons of girls who did too. So we set out to make a denim line that’s sexy and flattering, and made to fit you – not the other way round.”


Obviously, we all have different body types and we are all victims of tearing ourselves down because we feel like we do not look like Instagram models; but even the most followed influencers have flaws but they key is having confidence to transform your boring jeans into a fashion statement. Let me know the comments below friends how you will dress up those boring jeans. 

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