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5 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Off Campus Apartment

5 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Off Campus Apartment

Getting your first off campus apartment is exhilarating, but there are so many options on how to decorate your off campus apartment that you don’t even know where to start. I know that when I first went into Target to get decorations I was overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. To start off with, decide on a general aesthetic for your space. Once you have an idea of what vibes you want, start your shopping list with these 5 fun ways to decorate your apartment.

1. String Lights

This is one of my favorite of the fun ways to decorate a small space like an apartment. They are functional and stylish at the same time.

String lights come in so many different styles that it is always possible to find something to go with the style of your room. Another fun thing that you can do is to get the lights that use candelabra bulbs and replace them with vintage style bulbs or softer light bulbs.


These lights can really make a small space like apartments feel cozier. Most apartments don’t really have a lot of good lighting too, so having these string lights can make it easier to take selfies from the comfort of your own room.

2. Faux Plants and Flowers

Faux plants and flowers are another great way to decorate your apartment, largely because they add a lot of color. Faux plants look great placed in old decorative bottle with some tiny fairy lights to make a sort of night light.


If you’re up to it you could even have real plants which really make a place feel more comfortable and a lot of times they make you feel better because plants release oxygen and clean up the air in your apartment.

3. Picture Wall or Strings Of Pictures

This is another one of my favorite fun ways to decorate. Having a picture wall or just a string of pictures can make your apartment feel intensely personal, which is a great feeling to have when you’re away in college.┬áBeing able to just look at your wall and know that this is your room is an unparalleled feeling!


This can be coupled with other fun ways to decorate, like the string lights. You can also make it more stylistic by choosing the style of pictures and the way you want to hang them up on the wall.

4. Wardrobe Rack

The wardrobe rack is one that you can do if you either have limited closet space in your apartment or a little extra floor room!

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The most fun part about this decor for me is choosing what kind of rack you want, you could even construct one by yourself with pipes from home depot. This is one of the fun ways to decorate that could just as easily be incredibly industrial and grungy as it can be glam and polished.

The other best part about this decoration is you can choose to place your most used pieces, or pieces that you are proudest of, on the rack for your guest to be able to see your style as soon as they enter. Dress it up with a cute throw and some string lights, and this decoration can really set the vibe for your space.


5. Large Mirrors

This last one is something that so many people may not think about when getting decor for their college apartments, but a floor length mirror is a must. Not only is this one of the many fun ways to decorate, it’s functional!

The mirror makes it so much easier when you’re getting dressed, but it also makes your room feel a little bigger and brighter and, even if it is just an optical illusion, you’ll love your room so much more.

These fun ways to decorate are guaranteed to make you fall in love with your off campus! What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your apartment?

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