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8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

As much as milennials get ragged on for loving it, avocados are truly one of the best things to eat. Like, ever. Not only are they a great source for healthy eating, but they retain basically any and all flavours that you put in them, so they’re super easy to cook with.

Also, depending on where you are, avocados can be relatively cheap and really good (if you eat them in the right amount of time). Plus, they go amazing with cheese. What more could you possibly want out of a food ingredient? So, with all that in mind, here’s some possible ways you can introduce avocado to your diet, but also your dinner on a regular basis!

1. Avocado grilled cheese

Adding some avocado to a grilled cheese is a great idea if you’re looking for something basic to make for dinner with avocado. Use mozzarella, white cheddar and goat cheese for a good mixture, and add some pesto and a dash of hot sauce for some taste, and you’ve got a gourmet meal in the making.

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

2. Avocado stuffed burger

Although this seems super hard, it’s actually quite easy: take a burger and heat it up a bit, and then take out part of the middle, stuffing it with fresh avocado. Then grill the burger and voila! A tasty and fun way to eat a normally regular meal.

3. Tuna and avocado rice bowl

A classic, cheap way to make a poke bowl is to use avocado as the protein, but you can also add in some fish if you’re feeling fancy (if you do, we recommend tuna). Add a miso or soy sauce glaze to avocado and lightly grill it for a bit of warmth, or dice it and throw it into the rice straight.

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

4. Avocado and arugla salad

This is a pretty classic way to eat fresh avocado, but make the salad a little more interesting by adding some feta, cucumbers and tomatoes, and glazing it with a mix of a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice, sprinkled with pepper.

5. Avocado and parmesan pasta

One of the easiest dinners to make is pasta, right? So why not mix it with a little bit of avocado? Try it with bow tie pasta for easier scooping purposes, and add some parmesan, olives, onions, and maybe a bit of sun-dried tomato for some flavour.

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

6. Avocado mac n’ cheese

Mac n’ cheese is already good, but mixing it with avocado? Delicious. The best way to make this puppy is to add the avocado to the cheese sauce, which means extra cheese for the sharp flavour and a lot of fine dicing. But trust me, it’s worth it.

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7. Avocado pizza

Whether or not you’re willing to go full out and make your own pizza, or you just add some toppings to a frozen pizza, this is still a great way to add avocado to your dinner. Either cook the avocado with the pizza, or grill it and put it on afterwards to control the grilling.

8 Fun Ways To Add Avocado To Your Dinner

8. Classic avocado toast

Ah, avocado toast. The start to all of this crazy delicious madness. We know that this is typically seen as breakfast food, but c’mon, we’ve all eaten waffles or pancakes for dinner. Avocado toast is all around healthier (and sometimes tastier), especially if you add a bit of cayenne pepper or chili peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes and a bit of green pesto to make it a little more savoury.

Would you try any of these recipes? Let us know in the comments!

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