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Fun Video Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Fun Video Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Video games are a great way to have fun with your significant other, bonus if you both enjoy playing them. If one of you is more into video games than the other, it’s a good time to teach them how to play and share something you enjoy. It also shows they care about your interests and take the time to enjoy them with you. From working together or competing against each other, I came up with a list of fun video games to play with your significant other. Most of these games are for the Nintendo Switch, no sponsor, because I own a Switch and have enjoyed playing these games with my significant other. This list is great for you if you own a Switch and if not, there are a few video games that are on PC you should check out.


This is exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and is a game where you need to work with your partner in order to solve each puzzle. There are 45 puzzles to solve, and if you buy Snipperclips Plus, you’ll have 85 puzzles to solve. Each puzzle has different objectives, but most of them require you to cut shapes out of each other. Up to four people can play the game at a time, so you can play it with friends, which is nice because it’s not restricted just to 2 player play.

I love to play this game with my significant other and I think you will too because it’s got adorable animation, the controls are easy to understand after about a minute of playing, there are a wide variety of puzzles, it encourages problem solving and communication between you two, and most puzzles can be done quickly. One time we spent about 20 minutes on a puzzle though because we were doing it in a much more difficult way… But that’s not important. This game is fun and cute and I recommend it if you want a low priced game that will encourage communication and problem solving with your partner! This is one of the cheaper video games on this list and is a great one.


Super Smash Bros.

The Super Smash Bros. franchise has been around for 20 years and I believe you can play any of the installments with your significant other and have a smashing time. This is a fighting game, so helping each other and communicating isn’t a huge part of the game unless you two decide to do teams and are on the same team fighting against opponents. This is one of the video games where you two will usually be competing against each other and one of you will be the winner at the end and the other will lose.

I personally think this is a great game to play with your significant other because it’s action packed, will get adrenaline flowing, and as long as neither of you are sore losers, you’ll both have a good time laying the smack down on each other. You two can do fun or odd match ups which provides for some giggles and when you two aren’t playing, this is a great party game. Up to 8 people can play on on console and if you have another friend with the game, you can have a party with this game! It has hours of replay-ability value on it which is something I love. This is one of those fighting video games I think you need to get.


Mario Kart

This is a classic. It’s competitive, cute, fast-paced, action packed, and a racing game. This has been around forever with the latest game being on the Switch (unless you count the mobile phone app) and is a fun way to bond with your partner. Throwing shells and bananas at each other is a playful way to tease them, and the outcomes of some races can be so thrilling.

I love this game because each race usually takes about 3 minutes, so not too long, and it’s competitive since you’re racing each other, but not as competitive as fighting games where more skill is required. So if someone get offended easily, I don’t think it should be much of a problem here because there isn’t as much skill required. Motor skills, yes, but I think most people get used to the controls quickly. You can also play it with 3 other friends at the same time, so if you want to chill and play video games with friends it’s a great game for that too.



This is an intense, fast-paced game that requires lots of communication. I love it. The first few levels are easy and help you get a handle of the controls, but everything after that moves quickly and you have to say what you’re doing when to achieve success. You two will be working together to put out customers orders and are on a time crunch. Your communication skills, patience, under pressure skills, and ability to read situations will be tested together through this game. You can play with up to four people, which is nice about this because when your partner isn’t over you can play with friends. If you want a challenging and fun game to play, I suggest this one!

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Portal 2

This puzzle video game is great for playing with your partner because it’s funny, paced well, is well written, has good acting, and has a good learning curve. It can be played on the PC so anyone can get it and you two can have a lot of fun with the portals you can create together. There’s a good balance of freedom and following the story in this game, and I’ve spent many hours laughing at the loops we’ve made together in this game. I recommend getting this is you’ve heard of Portal but have never tried it out! Also especially if you want to introduce your partner to video games, this is a wonderful choice that isn’t as intimidating or fast-paced as other games mentioned on this list!

Mario Party

You can play any of the versions on any console you have, but the most recent installment came out on the Switch. This is a fun and competitive party game to play with your significant other, although the time commitment is something to be aware of! Most games take about 40 minutes to and hour to finish, so plan to play this if you two have the time and energy to finish it that night. You can always pause and come back but to me it doesn’t feel the same.

I love this game because it’s cute, fun, competitive, allows for conversation in between turns, and you work together at some times but also work against each other in different moments. There’s a good balance of what the goal is in Mario Party and I think that spices up the time you two have together. I love a game where you two always work together, but sometimes I want to mess with them and this game provides a good balance for that.


Playing video games with your significant other is a great way to bond and have fun. You two may have a common goal which you’ll work together to achieve or you’ll have fun and compete against each other. The possibilities are endless. Let us know if you tried any of these games and what you thought or what video games you would add to the list!

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