10 Fun Things To Do With Your Roommates On A Snow Day


Every college kid’s dream is waking up one winter morning to the email or text alert that classes have been canceled.  Snow days just make everyone happy, and there are so many fun ways you can spend your surprise day off from regular college life. If the weather is so bad that you’re stuck inside all day, this would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your roommate(s). There are so many things you could do inside your room, inside the building, or even outside if you’re willing to brave the cold. Keep reading for 10 fun things to do with your roommates on a snow day!

1. Sledding!

This is the obvious option for a snow day!  Bundle up in your warmest clothes and scope out your campus for some nice hills.  Even if you don’t have a sled, which I’m assuming most college kids don’t, you can easily make one out of something in your room. Some of the easiest materials to make a sled might be duct tape, cardboard, a dining hall tray, a laundry basket, or even the lid to a plastic storage bin. If you don’t have the means to make a sled, no worries, you can still go outside and run around in the snow!  Have a fort or snowman building competition and have a snowball fight! Playing in the snow is something that will you will never grow out of.

2. Movie marathon

If you’re completely snowed in and really feel like doing nothing all day, set up camp in front of the TV in your building lounge or a TV in your room and have a movie marathon!  It could be all Christmas themed movies, or a series as long as Harry Potter.  Bring a ton of snacks with you so you can feast as you watch.


3. Baking!

If your building or suite has a kitchen, this is something that might be a fun challenge for a snow day.  Some kitchens come equipped with baking ingredients, so you don’t even have to venture to the store!  Hook up some music to a speaker and spend an hour or so making a ton of treats with your roommates.  You can choose to just split them among yourselves, or you can share them with the rest of your floor!

4. Playing card/board games

No one ever does this anymore! Time to bring it back! There are so many classic and new games out there that can take up hours of your day.  It’s a simple and fun way to just hang out with your roommates and maybe even experience some icebreakers if the game is wacky enough! Invite some people from your floor if you want to play a big group game like charades or Cards Against Humanity and go to a lounge for more room.

5. Jam session

If you and your roommates are all musical people, break out your instruments and your voices and have a jam sesh.  You can have it in your room or in a lounge, but you can have tons of fun just messing around and creating some fun music with absolutely no time limit. If you come up with something that sounds good, you could even record or film it and post the finished product online for the world to see!


6. Binge watching a Netflix show

Another perfect option for if you want to be lazy all day!  If there’s a show you and your roommates have all been itching to watch, why not start it all together? Hook up Netflix to a TV or just keep it on a laptop where everyone can see and binge watch a series.  Watching a TV show together is a great way to bond, because you can all talk about the show as it goes on, without anyone being ahead and spoiling anything.


7. Redecorating your room.

If you’re getting a snow day, chances are you’re either in the end of the fall semester or the beginning of spring semester.  That being said, your room may have been decorated and arranged the same way for the entirety of the first half of the year.  A snow day is the perfect opportunity to do some redecorating.  Try rearranging some of your stuff, swap desks with a roommate, or even just put some new pictures up on your wall.  A little change is always good and keeps things fresh in your room!

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8. Decorate your door

If there is an upcoming holiday or you just can’t stand how plain your door always looks, try taking this day off to decorate it!  Use anything you have in your room or go to your building’s computer room and print out some decorations for your door. Spend the day planning your design, and then turn on some music as you execute it. This is such a fun way to get creative with your roommates and find a design that you all love.

This is my actual door which I decorated with one of my roommates!

9. Catching up on homework.


10. Stay in bed all day.

For those of you that would love nothing more than to stay in bed all day when classes are cancelled, here’s your activity.  Just don’t get out of bed!  You can chat with your roommate while there, or you can tune each other out for hours at a time and do your own thing. Either way, staying in bed all day seems like a relaxing way to spend your time off made possible by the snow.



Featured photo source: mfeast.org and jhalvorson.wordpress.com