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Fun Things To Do With Friends In The Antelope Valley

Fun Things To Do With Friends In The Antelope Valley

Making plans with your friends is always difficult to do because you can run out of ideas on what to do together in the Antelope Valley. Being with good friends is what makes time fly by, but you want to make new memories with them. Here are some fun things to do with friends in the Antelope Valley! 

Hiking At Devil’s Punchbowl 

It is a fun idea to stay healthy and fit with your friends, like going hiking together. The Antelope Valley has a really great place to go hiking, at Devil’s Punchbowl. If you and your friends like to go on adventures, this is a great place to explore.

There are trails that wrap around the mountains and provide breathe taking views of the Antelope Valley. Going on a hike will allow you to connect with each other in a way that you may have never thought could be possible. Hiking gives you a reason to disconnect and enjoy each other’s company.


Hiking at Devil’s Punchbowl makes you appreciate the true beauty of the desert that we live in, which will create an amazing memory you share with one another. Hiking will also fill all of you with energy so you can do more fun things together.

This is an activity that does not require any spending so it is great for everyone to participate, and have fun. Hiking at Devil’s Punchbowl is an adventure you and your friends should really plan to go on together! 


Visiting Apollo Park 

If your group of friends is the adventurous type, this park in the Antelope Valley will be a great place to spend the day! Apollo Park is full of great activities that you and your friends can plan to do, without really spending any money.

You guys can plan a whole day of being at the park. You can all pitch in and buy food for a picnic in the shade of the tall trees. Once everyone is done eating, you can feed the ducks and geese that are waddling in the park.

You can take bikes, skateboards or penny boards to ride around the entire park because it is actually pretty big. You can also be silly and play around on the playgrounds. It’s a great stop to take pictures and be loud and laugh at jokes without having to worry about anyone around. It is a place for you and your friends to release all the energy that you may have and will be able to create fun memories together.


Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Helping out in the community can be a fun way to get together and do some acts of kindness with your friends. A great way to do that in the Antelope Valley is by volunteering at a local animal shelter. There are many shelters that you can go help at, but one you should consider volunteering at is the Community Effort Animal Shelter!

Send them an email that you and your friends are interested in helping out, and they will gladly and kindly answer back! You can choose to help take care of their dogs or cats.


For the dogs, you get to help clean up their play area, take one of them on a walk and wash their food and water bowls. For the cats, you get to clean up their litterboxes, brush them and play with them too.

This is a perfect place to go and have fun helping out the shelter! They really care a lot about their animals and appreciate the help they receive. If you fall in love with one of their dogs or cats, you can even adopt!

Doing volunteer work with friends can be fun because you get to feel like you’re doing something good for the community together!  


Photoshoot On The Blvd

Something fun to do with all your friends is having a photoshoot! A place where there are different locations to take pictures is on Lancaster Boulevard.

You and your friends can walk around and go into all the shops there are on The Blvd, and you can use them to take cool pictures. Colorful and artistic murals are all around, perfect for a backdrop in your photoshoot.

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You can shoot with a professional digital camera if someone from your friend group has one. The alternative will be to use your phones! This activity is perfect for all your friends to have great Instagram content.

There are many ways to make a photoshoot even more fun! You can bring different outfits so there are a variety of outfits you can show off, and look up fun poses to do together.


Having a photoshoot with friends is the best because your smile will be genuine in how much fun you guys will be having. The Blvd has so many places to explore so you can do it for an entire afternoon and go out to eat after!


It’s fun to get competitive! Going out to bowl is always a fun thing to do with your friends, especially when you want to do something out of the usual. It’s a great way to share laughs and enjoy each other’s company.


We have two really good bowling allies in the Antelope Valley. The one that most people go to is the Brunswick Zone. This bowling alley has great discounts that you and your friends can benefit from. They also have an arcade where you all can have fun and try to see who can get the most tickets.

The second bowling alley is the Underground Bowling Lounge. This is a really good place to go for an evening out. The alley is actually underground, and they have really cool cosmic lights that make the experience even more fun. Along with bowling, they also have board games, billiards and more! So there will never be a dull moment if you go out to bowl with your friends, you will always have a great time no matter where you go. 


Did you know that the Antelope Valley can be this fun? Are you planning to do an of these with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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