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5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

We have all been there. Our bank account says $2.36, we just got paid, and it’s a Friday night. No matter the reason you aren’t making it rain this week, having fun is still an important part of life. So when your budget is low here are five fun things you can still do! 

1. Outdoor Activities 

Your current address will have the most impact on how you take this no money idea. If you are near the mountains, go hiking; the ocean, swimming; river, fishing. Just try anything that you already have the gear for, and is close by (you don’t need to spend more money on gas). 

If you aren’t a huge outdoors person or live somewhere a little less nature-y, try going to a park. The fresh air will get your blood pumping and make you feel like you did something productive. Even taking a jog outside is a great option. Bonus, all of this is free!

5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

2. Movie Marathon 

Now sometimes when you’re poor the first thing to do is shut off Netflix or any of your other streaming service sites. However, if you still have these active, ask some friends to come over with snacks and watch movies you have never heard of. You get free food and it’s something you can do with friends that doesn’t cost any money. 

If the streaming services aren’t an option, break out the old DVD player and watch some classics. Who knows, you might have forgotten some of the best lines on your favorite movies. Because somethings on “Wednesdays we wear pink,” and no one wants to forget that!

5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

3. Try A New Look 

Although shopping sprees are nice, being poor is hard to support that all to familiar shopping habit. Instead of buying new stuff, try creating a different look with what you already have. YouTube a new crease cut, or make your old jeans into shorts. 

If none of that sounds good, try mixing clothes together that you would have never thought of. Even asking friends for clothes they never wear can make you feel like you purchased something, but costs you nothing.

5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

4.  Write 

This might be a biased thought, but writing can really transform you. Instead of going on adventures you can dream about them and write them down. It also helps cut down on that much-needed therapy bill by being able to process even the scariest topics in a safe place.

Not to mention this might be a lucrative option. Some places need writers and are willing to pay decent money for stories. Who knows, being poor might help you become rich and no longer need this list.

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5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

5. Free Shows

In almost every town or city there are free shows. These might be concerts, movies, theater performances, stand-up acts or so many others. Although these shows might not be your type of thing or the next big performer,  you never know who you might meet. If anything else, it gets you out of the house and for free.

However, if you are not good at keeping out of your wallet in public this might not be a great option. So try to not overdraft your account just because you are out and meeting new people. 

5 Fun Things To Do When You Have No Money

No matter what your financial situation being frugal is a great way to live. It helps you not get into financial binds and makes you more aware of the cost of everyday habits.

Do you have any other ideas for when you have no money? Let us know below so we can pinch pennies together!

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