7 Fun Things To Do On Saint Patrick’s Day Other Than Drink

Saint Patrick’s Day is all about drinking after you turn 21. It’s a fun day to have an excuse to get day drunk and drink all day, but some people just aren’t about that aspect of it. I’ve had fun with booze on Saint Patrick’s Day, but this year I’m going to lay off the alcohol because I want to and also because many of my friends have moved and I don’t want to go out. I’ve come up with 7 fun things to do on Saint Patrick’s Day other than drink and I’m definitely going to follow through on some of them this year.

1. Drink ALL The Shamrock Shakes

Get as many as you like and go hard. This option may take a toll on your wallet, but drinking would too so I think it balances out. Better yet, go ahead and make yourself a batch of homemade shamrock shakes and go hard in the comfort of your own home.

7 Fun Things To Do On Saint Patrick’s Day Other Than Drink

2. Go Out

You don’t need to drink to enjoy this day! If your friends pressure you into drinking, I can see how that may dampen your spirits, but you can still go out and dance and laugh with your drinking friends without drinking with them! Go and have fun today, don’t let the alcohol be your only reason for celebrating and having fun.

3. Document Everything Your Drunk Friends Are Doing

This is pretty self-explanatory, but basically you’ll go out with your friends and take pictures and videos of their drunken antics all while staying sober and having a grand time. Obviously, you don’t want to record or take pictures of them if they’re totally trashed and throwing up everywhere, but catching funny jokes or comments on camera will be entertaining for all of you the next day (as long as it’s not too embarrassing, check in with your friend before sharing with your friend group) and laugh at it! I’ve always secretly wanted a friend to record me while drunk because I really don’t remember half the things I say.

4. Arts And Crafts

Remember in elementary school when your teachers would have you make leprechauns on paper or pots of gold, then give you a chocolate piece of gold to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Well, arts and crafts are your friends again on this day where you decide not to drink. Before you buy supplies, I suggest looking up crafts you want to do and what materials are needed for it. You can try out painting, try making a Saint Patrick’s Day homemade wreath for your door, or try any of the ones in the photo below. Get creative with it and have fun! Invite friends over and make it a fun session with friends with your favorite show on in the background.

7 Fun Things To Do On Saint Patrick’s Day Other Than Drink

5. Cook Up An Irish Feast

If cooking is something you love doing, cook up an Irish feast this Saint Patrick’s Day. Look up some recipes online or look for traditional dishes to try out the week before, and buy all the ingredients leading up to the day. By feast I mean make up a whole 10-course meal for the day, shoot you could invite people over for it, but my ideal day would to make it all for myself and have fun inside with some music playing or my favorite show on in the background. Cook up some Irish appetizers like Irish nachos, skewers, Guinness beer nuts, ale and cheddar soup, and whatever other recipes catch your eye. Then make the main course such as corned beef and cabbage soup, pork chops in Irish whiskey cream sauce, corned beef hash, or cottage pie. Along with the main course make sure you’ve got some side dishes such as Irish soda bread, Irish fried cabbage, Irish potato pancakes, roasted cabbage with bacon or whatever else you find. You’ve got to have drinks with this, but make them alcohol-free, shamrock shakes are a great thing to make or anything else you find online save the alcohol. Wrap up by making a dessert such as candy rainbow bark, Irish potato candy, green velvet cupcakes, Irish cream bundt cake, or whatever twist you want or find online. It’s a fun way to fill your day and have a tasty result at the end of it! You can even make it a tradition and do it every Saint Patrick’s Day after this year and I think that would be a pretty fun tradition.

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7 Fun Things To Do On Saint Patrick’s Day Other Than Drink

6. Go To The Movies

Or go to your favorite restaurant or cafe, because everything except bars is going to be dead today. You can go alone or grab another friend who isn’t drinking and have the whole place to yourself, almost like you rented it out for the day or couple hours. I learned going out on holidays is a great way to have the place to yourself because everyone else is at home. On Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone will be at the bar though so you’ve still got places that are open and empty to go to!

7. Find Another Sober Friend To Bring With You

If you want to go out with friends, but don’t want to drink I suggest finding someone else who also doesn’t want to drink to go with you. Your friends hopefully wouldn’t give you a hard time if you went out with them and were the only ones not drinking, but I strongly feel like they would keep pressuring you all day and night if you were alone because it’s a holiday and everyone should be drinking. If you bring someone else though, you two have each other and there’s less pressure on you alone to start drinking with them. There’s strength in numbers and this will help so much! This can also be paired up with number 3 and the two of you can document all your friends together and provide commentary for a fun time the next day while everyone is hungover except the two of you! Also, if you go out and stay sober, you two can be the designated drivers and be there for your friends as the day goes on.

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays since turning 21, but since most of my friends have graduated college and left town, I’m going to be taking it easy on the alcohol this year. If you’re in the same boat as me or just don’t want to drink this Saint Patrick’s Day, I hope this list inspired you! Let us know in the comments below what you’re going to be doing besides drinking and also if you tried any of these out!

Featured Image Credit: https://travel.usnews.com/gallery/10-places-to-celebrate-st-patricks-day-in-the-usa
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