5 Fun Things To Do In The Shower With Your Partner

Showering with your partner is sweet, intimate and really a great way to get fully comfortable with each other’s bodies. Of course, we all have different things we find fun to do in the shower whether they be funny, intimate, or just entertaining but here are some that always work for me. Without further ado, here are some things you should be doing in the shower with your partner!

Wash each other’s hair/Spike Battle

Now, you’re probably reading this like…why? Well, having someone else massage the shampoo into your scalp is actually the nicest way to wind down! If you’ve had the longest day, you’re going to need that at the end of it. I mean, the more exciting thing to do is to shampoo one another’s hair and then… CREATE YOUR HAIR SPIKES. Battle of the hair spikes is well exciting! Winner is the last spike standing.

Hair Art

This is going to sound real disturbing to some people, but I figured this is not a place to be ashamed of how we find fun. So, every female loses so much hair when they wash It, brush it, or even just flick it. In the shower I tend to find my hair coming out more, and I get irritated when it sticking to my body. So, I usually stick it on the wall and begin making a picture, and now it’s something body me and my partner do just to create a giggle. Creative genius!5 Fun Things To Do In The Shower With Your Partner


I am a big fan of karaoke as a person, and I love to belt out any tune that gets into my bones even though I am the worlds worst singer. I am tone deaf! BUT, give me a good groovy song and I am in it to win it. So, a great way to create some fun is grab your shampoo bottles, pop on a classic duet, maybe a grease song or my FAVOURITE… American boy! Get your groove on. See who does it best!

Exfoliate Each Other’s Skin

What better way to get that glowing skin than with your boo? Grab some face washing mitts or flannels and get exfoliating. Whether it be your whole body, or just face, get scrubbing. Self-care and having a ball with your partner. Can life really get much better than this?

5 Fun Things To Do In The Shower With Your Partner

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Get Freaky

Well this was just a must on the list. Showering together is so intimate how can this not be an option? Sometimes it’s difficult, but when the timing is right things fall right into place. Wink Wink! Enjoy that intimacy, connect with your partner and let yourselves go! Shower time can be for this too.

Shower fun is just as important as every other type of fun. Whether you shower alone or with your partner that is all fine and good. If you’re feeling like you want your relationship to take the next step by showering together then you do you boo! Get your boo in the shower with you, wind down, relax, have fun, laugh, joke and just enjoy one another and that intimacy of being together.

So, tell me, what do you do in the shower with your partner? OR What would you like to do in the shower with your partner? Let’s talk about get down in the bubbles, and how we have fun in those little moments when it’s just the two of us. Is there anything you guys tried and didn’t enjoy? Do you not like showering together? I want to discuss all the ins and the outs of the do’s and the don’ts when It comes to this. If this worked for you then. did this article give you any ideas? What is your favourite suggestion out the 5? Let’s talk in the comments!

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