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Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday

Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday

Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday

Let’s face it, at some point in our lives, every one of us has been super bored, or just really wanted to do something but couldn’t figure out what there was to do. When I first moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan I was at a loss for what to do all the time. Honestly, I still am. That’s why I wanted to really challenge myself to make a list of some fun things to do in Kalamazoo, on a Saturday or really any day.

Go Downtown

There’s something about any downtown area that makes it fun to explore. It might be the buildings or the shops, but if you find yourself looking for fun things to do in Kalamazoo, go downtown. Go into the shops, check out the local coffee shops, or even the local restaurants or bars.

Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday

Check out one of the breweries around town

Grand Rapids was voted Beer City, and though I hate to say it because GR is where I grew up, I honestly think that Kalamazoo is going to give GR a run for its money. There are a total of 12 breweries, and tons of pubs and bars around town that if this is your scene, you have a vast array of options. Even some of the restaurants around town have their own locally sourced brews, it’s insane. And I think in the next few years, it’s only going to get bigger.


Spend some time at Bronson Park

There’s always something going on downtown, and more often then not it’s happening at Bronson Park. So check out the park schedule to see what events are going on and actually go to those that interest you when you can.

Find a trail and walk it

Personally, my favorite is at Oshtemo State Park, but there are so many that you can choose from that it’s kind of crazy if you don’t check at least one of them out. You could take your dog or a friends dog if you want and make it a bonding activity. It’s a fun and easy way to get your steps in and I’ve never regretted spending time out in nature.

Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday


Go see a movie

Whether you go to K10, the AMC downtown, or somewhere else, going to the movies is always an option if you really need something fun to do.

Take a trip to the Air Zoo

One thing I haven’t yet but really want to go to is the air zoo. Aside from normal exhibits, there are also flight simulators, indoor rides, and even hot air balloon races – I’m terrified of heights and going in a hot air balloon sounds so exciting!

Check out one of the bowling alleys

One of the first things my roommate and I did was go bowling. We went to Airway, but there’s another called Revel & Roll. More recently I’ve gone to Eastland. Bowling is just a super simple thing to do that you really can’t go wrong with – as long as you can get past the shared shoe thing.

See Also

Spend a day at a lake

If you like being by or on the water, there are tons of little lakes to check out, like Asylum Lake, or if you’re up for a mini road trip, Lake Michigan is only about a half hour away in South Haven.

Fun Things To Do In Kalamazoo On A Saturday

Go to the museum

Maybe I’m alone in this, but a part of me always enjoys museums but I never really liked history class in school. There’s something about seeing artifacts first hand and reading about the different exhibits that really brings everything to life.


Explore the Kalamazoo Nature Center

I love nature, so this is a no brainer for me. But if you want something to do and you’ve been overwhelmed or feeling in a funk, go to the nature center – or just get out in nature. It’ll help and it’ll be fun.

Go to the farmers market

Another thing I haven’t done but want to do is go to the farmers market. If you already know you enjoy farmers markets, then you’re golden! Keep going, but if you’re like me and never have gone, give it a try! It beats sitting around bored all day.

Even though Kalamazoo is a smaller city, there are quite a few things to do if you look for them I hope this list gave you some ideas of fun things to do in Kalamazoo. If you have any suggestions of fun things to do in Kalamazoo, comment them below!

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