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Fun Things To Do In Bellingham

Fun Things To Do In Bellingham

Bellingham, Washington is a gorgeous city in the pacific northwest. A gateway to Canada, a college city, “the city of subdued excitement” and the many hikes and water access makes it a gem. I’ve lived here for four years and fall more in love with it every day. It took a while for me to appreciate all it has to offer because I was a scared college student when I first arrived, but wow I love it so much now. Here are so fun things for you to do in Bellingham if you visit or if you live here!


21st Century Bowling is in the heart of downtown at 1411 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225 Bellingham and provides fun and is a great way to get nights out on the town started. I personally love bowling and when I saw there was a bowling alley really close to the bus station my freshman year, I got so excited. I know some people who have lived in Bellingham for over 10 years and have never been! If you are visiting Bellingham, I definitely recommend bowling here! Even if you or anyone that you are with is not a fan of bowling, hanging out with them here is nice! It has a fun nice vibe that is good for chilling and talking with friends.

Crepes and Mallard Ice Cream

Crepes at AB Crepes downtown and Mallard Ice Cream right after is a classic casual night out for friends and family. AB Crepes is located at 1311 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225 and Mallard Ice Cream 1323 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225, they are so close you can walk out Mallard and smell crepes cooking outside if it’s busy.


Mallard Ice Cream offers unique flavors of ice cream! It is cash only, so be prepared for that and bring cash! They have classics like cookies ‘n cream, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. They also have crazy flavors like rose, dill, lavender and avocado to name a few that are in rotation right now! 

AB Crepes is a classic spot to get good crepes! They offer sweet and savory crepes, so you aren’t limited to only sweet crepes! I personally love their pizza crepe, because I can customize the ingredients put into it. For sweet, I absolutely love fresa con chocolate, which is strawberries with nutella. A classic sweet crepe. I also love the banana creme pie crepe, but sometimes it’s a little too heavy for me, but definitely try it when you visit!



There are a few hikes directly in Bellingham, but I feel like Bellingham is more like a gateway to many beautiful hikes in the area. Some notable hikes in Bellingham are Oyster Dome, Fragrance Lake, Galbraith Mountain and North Lake Whatcom Park. Bellingham has gorgeous scenery and that is one of the things that makes it so appealing to me. Mt. Baker is about an hours drive away, which provides hours and days of entertainment for those who love skiing, snowboarding or any other mountain activities. Oyster Dome is definitely a classic, it’s on Chuckanut Drive, which I mention later, and the viewpoint is a gorgeous view of the islands and bay surrounding Bellingham.

Spark Museum

The Spark Museum is located in downtown Bellingham at 1312 Bay St, Bellingham, WA 98225. There is so much interactive and fun things to do here! Prices are 12 and older must pay $8, 2 to 11 must pay $5 and admission is free for children younger than 2. It is a fun place for education and entertainment. I’ve been once and had a fun time with my friends! If you have children, I think this is such a fun thing to do with them, because there is a lot of interactive pieces in the museum. I think if they are interested in science, they will absolutely love this museum!

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Visit Fairhaven

Fairhaven is a cute district in Bellingham that has so many good restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. The parking is limited here, so prepare to look for a bit if you are visiting on a weekend. You can definitely find it, but just prepare yourself and bring some patience with you! It’s also very tight, so if you have a large vehicle, prepare yourself in that way too. There are so many restaurants here! I recommend visiting Pizza’zza, Jalepenos, zen sushi and Fairhaven Poke. A personal favorite of mine would be Sirena Gelato, their coconut gelato is to die for. I love going there after celebrating anything and my family loves the gelato shop as well!

Even just walking around Fairhaven is lots of fun because it’s a cute little district that has lots of shops with big windows and is relatively small so you can see it all quickly. You can squeeze this cute place in during your Bellingham trip and enjoy a little slice of cuteness while here.


Drive Along Chuckanut

This is a gorgeous drive that has little spots to park and view the water! If you go during sunset, you’ll have amazing lighting and catch a gorgeous sunset. Bellingham has many beautiful drives, but this one is definitely the prettiest. It goes on for miles and you can even hike down some trails to get to the water below and watch the sunset from there. This is  gorgeous scenic drive in Bellingham and is right outside of Fairhaven. You should definitely take this drive if you’re ever leave or entering Bellingham one day! Totally worth the extra couple of minutes that you shave by taking I-5.

Bellingham, Washington is a beautiful city in the pacific northwest. It’s the biggest city before driving north into Canada and is a wonderful college town for those who are planning on going to school here. It’s also great for anyone who isn’t a college student! There is a lot to do, it’s absolutely gorgeous and is in a nice location in the pacific northwest. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite thing to do in Bellingham is, and if you have done anything on this list!

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