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Fun Things To Do For Your 21st Birthday

If you are like me, you feel like every birthday has to be amazing because it’s your birthday. You feel like you have to do something fun and memorable for it actually to be a good birthday. Well, I want to make sure you aren’t stressing. You should enjoy your 21st. Below I listed 21 fun ideas for you to do on your 21st!

1. Host a themed party at your house

Of course, you have to be willing to throw a party at your house. But I think we all can agree that playing dress up is so fun. Themes are super enjoyable and easy because you usually will have something already in your closet. Some examples of a party theme is Luau, Euphoria, and  Great Gatsby.

2. Go on a road trip with your best friends

Taking your friends on a road trip is definitely memorable. If there is a spot that you want to visit, just drive there. Somehow road trips are some of the best bonding experiences out there. Don’t forget a fire music playlist and maybe some car games.

3. Hit up a casino and gamble

Everyone should go to a casino at least once in their lives. Why don’t just go on your 21st? If you go to Vegas, you get the clubs and the casino experience on one strip.

4. Have a cute picnic

If you are looking for something casual to do, having a cute picnic is a good option. You can make your set up super cute with a charcuterie board, blanket, umbrella, table, flowers, etc. 

5. Head to the spa for the day

Maybe you are a busy bee and you just need a easy-going self care day. Get the full spa day with a facial, mud bath, steam room, back massage, foot massage…whatever you want.

6. Go out to the bars and go bar hopping

I think it’s in everyone’s right of passage that you should go bar hopping on your 21st. If a lot of your friends are 21, this will probably be one of the best options.

7. Go on a little trip with your girls

Head out on a trip with your girls somewhere like Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, where there is big night life. Get yourself an airbnb if you do not like hotels. The benefit of airbnb’s is pretty much like you have your own house to go back to instead of being somewhere where you can’t really continue partying.

8. Go to a karaoke bar

Go belt some tunes at a karaoke bar. You get to drink and sing. This will ensure you that you will definitely have some laughs.

9. Go out to brunch and drink mimosas

Have bottomless mimosas and eat whatever you want at your birthday brunch. Try finding somewhere that has a nice view or is aesthetically pleasing for cute pictures.

10. Get a party bus for all of your friends

This is a super fun idea, where you can bring a lot of your friends. Some party buses can fit up to 60 people. The party bus is a nice way to get around. No need to worry about a designated driver. Also, they can drop you off and pick you up from where ever you want. 

11. Rent a boat for the day

If you live by the water or are taking a trip there, maybe consider renting a boat for a few hours. You don’t need to drink alcohol or blast music to have fun on a boat. Just lay out and enjoy the sun.

12. See your favorite artist or band

Go see one of your favorite artists in concert. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite artist live on your birthday.

13. Have a fancy dinner

Make a reservation at a nice restaurant. Another option is to hire a private chef. This is a good option if you are looking to stay home or have a little more money to spend.

14. Watch a sports game

If you love sports, go see a hockey, football, soccer, or baseball game. This is a great form of entertainment even if you don’t love sports. You can hang out with your friends and grab a beer.

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15.  Go out on a shopping spree

Hit up the mall or your favorite store and splurge on yourself a little. You deserve it!

16. Go wine or beer tasting

Depending on if you love beer or wine, go to a local winery and enjoy some wine. Or visit your local brewery and sip on some beer. Bring along some of your 21 year old friends and have a great time.

17. Have a bonfire

You can set up a bonfire in your backyard or at the beach and invite your friends. Roast some marshmallows, cook your hot dogs, and drink your drinks.

18. Visit your favorite amusement park

If you live by amusement parks, spend the day screaming and laughing your ass off. This is an idea for someone who wants to be adventurous on their 21st birthday. It’ll definitely spark some memory of your childhood.

19. Get an Airbnb

If you can’t have people over at your house, get an Airbnb for a few nights. You can get one close to your house or far away. 

20. Go clubbing

Dance the night away at the clubs. It is the first day you can legally drink, so go to the clubs. The best clubs are in Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, New York City and Los Angeles.

21. Rent a limo for the day

If you don’t want to get a big party bus, a limo is a good option. This is perfect for a smaller group and you feel like you are famous. It is nice to be treated well on your 21st! Also, you don’t need to worry about someone being the designated driver!

What are you most interested in doing for your birthday? Comment down below!

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