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Fun Things To Do At Kent State For Every Day Of The Week

Fun Things To Do At Kent State For Every Day Of The Week

College is all about studying what you love and pursuing your career, but it’s important to also take time for yourself and have fun amidst the craziness. These are the last couple years before you hit the big world, so if you’re every stuck in a rut, here are some fun things to do at Kent State every day of the week!

Sunday – Relaxing dinner with friends.

Start the week off right by having dinner with your friends. You’ll catch up on the weekend fun and have a relaxing day before a week of class.


Monday – Enjoy a coffee to get rid of the blues.

Monday blues can hit pretty hard, I know. To avoid those blues, grab a coffee at Einstein’s in the morning and plan out your week – you’ll be happy you did.



Tuesday – Workout with friends!

For me, going to the gym is not only stress relieving but fun. After a long day of classes, grab your friends and do a workout together at Kent’s rec. You’ll keep each other motivated, and you can reward yourself with a smoothie afterwards.

Wednesday – Lounge outside!

Kent’s campus is always buzzing, especially during the warmer seasons. You’ll see everyone lounging in the grass and soaking up the sun, which is an ideal situation to hang with friends, get some homework done, or even just spend some time alone.


Thursday – Cheer on The Flashes.

During basketball season, home games are usually on Thursdays. Grab some friends and go cheer on your Flashes! It’s a great way to get involved and even meet new people.

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Friday – Explore downtown!

Ah, the weekend is here, plenty of time for fun things to do at Kent State. Kent’s downtown has everything, from Scribbles, a hipster coffee shop, to Ray’s, a bar with even better food. No matter what you like, the downtown scene has it all and is in perfect walking distance from campus.



Saturday – Spend the night out partying!

The downtown scene really lights up with frat parties. Get glammed up and have a night out with your besties! Dance the night away, and soak up the college scene.

party games are always fun things to do at Kent State
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