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20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

Here we are, at the precipice of the apocalypse – yet in spite of what most of us picture, it’s not going to happen in one day. There’s time yet, and with time there is hope. Unfortunately, you can’t just sit there and hope. You need fun things to do to entertain and occupy your mind, lest you start to go insane. So while you patiently await a tide of good fortune in these dark and stagnant times, here are 20 fun things you can do right now that are not traveling!

1. Cooking

Now is the perfect opportunity to perfect your cooking skills. With selection at the grocery store painfully limited, is time for your culinary creativity to shine!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

2. Netflix

Netflix’s timing couldn’t have been better – releasing numerous new seasons and titles shortly before this epidemic. Paradise PD has a gut-busting new season (for those with a guttural sense of humor like myself), as well as Kingdom (zombies in feudal China – awesome show if you don’t mind poorly dubbed movies), and numerous others. Plus it’s great for rewatching old shows, as Netflix does not dispose of shows lightly. I’ve personally rewatched Trailer Park Boys and the Magi series what seems like hundreds of times. 

3. Hulu/ Disney+

I think I need to clump these two together because there isn’t much new going on with them – mostly just rewatching and visiting the past. That said, if you haven’t seen Mando yet, you should definitely join the club – it’s a great watch whether you like baby Yoda or not.

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

4. Shooter MMOs/ Battle Royal

Games such as Call of Duty, Fortnight, Overwatch, Destiny, PubG, and so forth are a classic method for friends to battle and rage-quit side by side, regardless of their distance in the physical world. Call of Duty also has a new game out, Warzone, so check it out if you haven’t already!

5. Anime

Check out Funimation and Crunchyroll for all your anime needs! Granted, this epidemic started right as a lot of shows were starting to end their first season, but there’s still more to come, like new episodes of A Certain Scientific Railgun for example. And if you aren’t caught up, now is the time – you’ve got a lot of new shows to watch and still more to come!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling


This genre of video games opens up a whole world of fun things you can do and grand adventures you can embark on with friends both new and known, all from the comfort of your home! If you already know what’s up, you might recognize titles like Elder Scrolls Online, Grand Theft Auto World of Warcraft, Neverwinter, and Grand Theft Auto V (technically an action-adventure, it turns into an action-adventure MMORPG when you get online). There has been no better time to get back on if you’ve already played them, and no better time to start if you haven’t, because they are absolutely booming now that everyone in the world is stuck inside.

7. Have A Lil’ Drinkypoo

Society has come to a halt. The world is metaphorically and literally on fire. Nothing to do but grab a beer or a cocktail and watch it burn… Plus a little alcohol can supposedly help combat the virus! Just make sure you don’t drink too much, lest you weaken your immune system.

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

8. Catch Up On Reading

If you’re anything like me, your love of collecting books far exceeds your available time to read them. I’ve only gotten around to reading about half the books I own myself. That’s why this time of isolation is perfect for catching up!

9. Exercise

While it’s not ideal, there’s a surprising number of exercises you can do without equipment. If you have a piece of equipment at home like dumbbells or a treadmill or something, even better. Just because you’re stuck inside and can’t get to the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t get in a daily workout and feel good about yourself!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

10. Sandbox Survival RPG

Minecraft, Ark Survival, Conan Exiles, and The Forest are just a few examples of this type of game – they’re games in which the goal is to survive, fight against the environment, and set up a defensive base from which to operate and defend yourself against onslaughts of monsters and enemy players. More importantly, they allow you to build a house, a castle, a city, or a world exactly as you see fit, in which you can enjoy these visions yourself or share them with friends (or show them off to enemy players). This genre of video games is definitely the best way to kill time. 

11. Get Learn’t

While schools might be closed, online classes are still thriving! It might not be the most exciting of our fun things, but maybe you enjoy school – in which case what better time to finally get that degree you’ve been wanting? And if you’re already in school, use this time to focus on your studies a bit.

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

12. Arts & Crafts

As far as quarantine fun things go, why not try your hand at arts and crafts? The stores may be short on toilet paper, but there’s sure to still be crafting supplies available.

13. Shop Online

Your packages might not arrive the day after ordering like they used to, but they ought to still get to you… eventually, but luckily it’ll take more than a world-wide pandemic to ruin the fun of online shopping. Who knows? With our growing dependency on internet shopping prior to the epidemic, as well as our equally growing interest in technology that supports this dependency (UPS drones for example), perhaps buying everything online will be the way of the future!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

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14. Plants

Sometimes a better company than other humans, especially at a time like this. Houseplants can be fulfilling and fun things to upkeep. Same with crops if you’re willing to put a bit more work into it, and if society does end up collapsing, you’ll be glad to have some fresh veggies.

15. Start Your Own Blog or YouTube Channel

What better time to get involved in the internet? You can do some fun things putting a blog or a YouTube channel together. Stream whatever game you and your homies are mobbing, complain about old movies that you’re just getting around to watching, critique the best and the worst of the remaining delivery and takeout restaurants in town, whatever you want!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

16. Draw

Nothing kills some time like a doodle here and there! Who knows? Perhaps you’ll make some fun things that’ll end up being worth a pretty penny on Etsy or something.

17. Clay Crafts

Speaking of fun things to do that let you be creative and turn you a profit, why not try clay crafts? All you’ll need is an oven and a few other materials that are common and relatively inexpensive. 

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

18. Process your own food

Not only does this give you a vast array of fun things to do and learn, but processing your own food and drinks can be rewarding, as well as a useful skill should society continue to fall apart (now or later). Hop on Google and learn how to make your own cheese, jerky, kombucha, or whatever else! Plus finding materials online should be a breeze.

19. Brewing

Speaking of useful skills and fun things, why not try your hand at brewing beer? You can buy a kit online, and once you have that it’s relatively easy to make any way you want!

20 Fun Things That You Can Do Right Now That Are Not Traveling

20. Write

Now is the time to express yourself creatively and put your thoughts onto paper. Write your memoirs, create your own universe, and escape from all the insanity.

During this time of epidemic and social turmoil, it’s important to keep yourself occupied. With any hope, these 20 fun things will have you well on the way to being entertained and busy despite being stuck in quarantine.

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