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Fun Things to do For Every Day of the Week at OU

Fun Things to do For Every Day of the Week at OU

As many OU students move back in with their parents or shove off to internships in other states, a lucky bunch of Bobcats get to stay in the city which has become their hOUme. Athens may be more quiet without the swarms of college students filling its streets, but it still has all the life and energy that makes it so charming. How do people spend their weeks in Athens? Well keep reading because SOCIETY19 breaks down for you what to do, day by day.


On Mondays you can see if you can beat the clock in The Escape Room! This exciting fast paced game is great for challenge seekers. You are locked in a room and you have 45 minutes to escape. Can you do it? Just remember to buy your tickets in advance!


You can start your night with dollar shots at the Cat’s Den, which offers them only on Tuesdays. Hey, it’s summer…



We have slice night at Court Side Pizza, where you can get a slice for only 50 cents (Whoa!) If you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can check out Larry’s Dawg House for 99 cent hotdogs and corndogs: talk about cheap college food!


After enjoying and indulging in your Wine-Down Wednesday nights, try taking a hike or walk around Stroud’s Run State Park. This is a wonderful park tucked away in the middle of a college town. It’s perfect for a mid-day stroll or even a picnic.


Fridays at OU are great for sports! Check out the latest game with Ohio University. We especially love summer baseball, so grab a friend and watch the game!

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I love using a Saturday to plan a theme party: you never know what to expect! This is a fun way to get to know people. Try planning theme parties like Clue (complete with role playing and costumes) or Scene It.


After a busy week, it’s time to relax! Try going to Lake Hope Lodge for their brunch. They have a couple tables outside that overlook the lake. It’s a very tranquil way to end the week! The brunch is from 10AM-2PM.  They have a buffet style brunch; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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