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Fun Things To Do In Boston For The Day

Fun Things To Do In Boston For The Day

Need a quick getaway? Looking for a fun day trip? Had too many classes in the Arbo and need a day in the city? Youre in luck! Boston is only 2 hours away from Conn’s campus, and you can get there either by driving or taking the train! Here are some fun things to do in Boston for the day. 

Shop on Newbury Street.

Stroll along Newbury Street popping in and out of some of the cutest shops around! They have everything from Urban Outfitters to Kate Spade.

Eat the most delicious cupcakes.

Dont forget to stop by Georgetown Cupcake for the most beautifully decorated desserts in the entire city. Mix and match with every cake and icing flavor you could dream of.


Walk the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail will satisfy your cultural side. Walk 2.5 miles through downtown Boston, exploring 16 historic sites along the way.

Experience a Duck Tour

Hop on the famous Boston Duck Tour for some sightseeing from the water! Take a cute Insta aboard your duck!”

Ride the Swan Boats

The Boston swan boats are a cultural icon of this New England city. Relax and take a ride around the Public Garden Pond.


Ice Skate on the Frog Pond

Spending a winter day in the city? Strap on those old ice skates! (This is a great excuse to grab hot chocolate, too!)

Walk the Boston Common

Boston Common is the Central Park of Boston. Bring a picnic or grab some ice cream before lounging around on the grass.

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“My favorite thing to do in the summer is shop on Newbury Street, stop at some of the restaurants along the way, and then end my day walking through the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common”

-Anonymous Bostonian

Visit Faneuil Hall

Explore Bostons famous marketplace – they have shopping AND food (what more could a girl want?!).

Watch a Red Sox game at Fenway

Put on your cutest red outfit and eat a Fenway Frank while enjoying a beer (like a real baseball fan).


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