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10 Fun Recreational Activities For High School Seniors In Need of Community Service Hours

10 Fun Recreational Activities For High School Seniors In Need of Community Service Hours

Is high school coming to an end and you’re still nowhere near your desired community service hours? Teen volunteers across the United States, breathe that well-earned sigh of relief, here are ten fun activities that can count toward your community service hours!

1. Animal Shelters

Let’s get this out of the way, everyone loves animals. People adore pets, that’s just in our nature! But most of all, people want to come to the aid of poor, homeless animals. Helping out at your local animal shelters is one of the most fun recreational volunteering you can perform while still obtaining your required community service hours. 

The causes you support, aside from the disenfranchised animals whose lives you’ll change for the better, go on to destabilize puppy mills, decrease animal euthanasia, and limit viral infection amongst displaced animals. 


2. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Children can be little, moving balls of energy in and of themselves. So, of course, hanging out with them will rank pretty high on a list revolving around fun recreation activities.

Guidance and mentoring may seem intimidating at first, but this program relies on you to just be yourself, and there’s no real wrong way to do that! The lessons and experiences you can give kids is invaluable and uplifting.


Going with this option means you’ll help children from struggling situations that may involve familial problems, economic hardship, and/or academic guidance. So, do it for the children!

3. Daycare

Want a handle on childcare and development without the full-time responsibility of it all? Daycare providers around your area are always looking for volunteers! 

Sure, kids can be messy and loud, but what makes this recreation easy and fun is the perspective of it all. All you’re doing is making sure these little tykes don’t hurt themselves and that they play nicely with each other. Maybe a little clean up here and there but for the most part it is not as intense or monotonous as many other community services tend to be.


4. Camp Counseling

Become a camp counselor at your local summer camp! Summer camps are built to be centers of fun recreational activities. Camp counseling comes with all the benefits that summer camp entails: hiking, swimming, canoeing, rafting, and sightseeing. Not only are you making this experience fun for the children you can teach, but you yourself will also be able to participate in these activities!

You teach the importance of teamwork and outdoor activity to children in an age of smartphones, online interactivity, and videogame adoration. Camp Counseling will definitely offer some much needed outdoors recreation for everyone involved!


5. Festivals and Fairs

If you have to volunteer somewhere for community service hours, it might as well be a bustling event like a carnival, a festival, or even a school fair! There are plenty of different fun recreational activities for a high school senior to perform, such as finger painting, ride operation, and booth sales. Even trash clean up is somewhat more enjoyable in these bustling, jovial atmospheres.

The causes you help support are…. listen you’re working at an entertainment festival, so suffice to say that’s reason enough to consider this among the top choices for a fun community service experience.


6. Voter Registration

One of the better instances of gaining community service hours is helping people register to vote! Okay, so… maybe this suggestion isn’t exactly the among the most fun recreational activities. But, voting is a very important tradition and a valuable asset for American democracy that the political climate in 2019 strongly agrees in that assessment! 

At the very least, you can rely on this job to not be so labor-inducive. No major heavy lifting of any kind or extensive physical requirements. You are in a controlled, responsible environment that moves quick enough to not be boring!

7. Homeless Shelters

Let us get rid of the toxic notion that homeless people are gross and inhuman! We are all humans deserving of respect and sometimes we need a little help. Working at a homeless shelter will give you a ton of perspective that deepens your understanding of the world and the economic/political systems we live under.

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This might be the more sublime option in our list of fun recreational activities, as the enjoyment factor is subjective. However, preparing and serving meals to the homeless goes a long way towards imbuing kindness in our fellow human beings. 

8. Hobby Classes

Teach your skills! Whether you’re a sports person, an artistic talent, or an academic achiever, there are plenty of specialized clubs and programs wanting you to teach your skills to a younger generation. Volunteer at your local kickboxing dojo if you’re a martial arts expert, or teach baseball to provide a fun opportunity for recreational volunteer experience for seniors.


You’re doing what you love and passing that skill unto children, helping to grow a new community of talent in your field.

9. Hospitals

Not all hospitals are depressing and sick-ridden. There are special designations for high school students to gain community service hours that go beyond treating and diagnosing patients. Plus, it’s a great way to get our foot into the medical community that looks stellar on a resume!


You can be put to work on a variety of duties that may involve running stock, assorting equipment, and lifting patients’ spirits up! The benefits are self-explanatory working as a hospital volunteer.

10. School Projects

Contrary to popular belief, the great thing about high school teachers is that they never want to fail you or see you struggle. Your teachers will provide you with plenty of opportunities to help out with the clubs they run or their own side projects they will graciously count toward your community service hours.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to look very far to find these fun recreational activities to volunteer for. Teachers always need help, all you have to do is ask!


Where have you volunteered? More importantly, was it fun? Help your fellow seniors out by commenting below where your favorite places for fun recreational activities are and how they can help!

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