Fun Pool Workout You Can Do This Summer

Pool workouts are a fun way to exercise while staying cool this summer. When you’re in the water, you’re almost weightless. That means when you perform exercises in the pool, they’re very low-impact on your joints, so this is perfect if you’re recovering from an injury!

They are also super fun and you can use the water as resistance to continue to build muscle. This pool workout is great because it keeps you cool, while working your entire body! Let’s get started.


Begin this pool workout by getting into the water and either jogging in place or swimming laps for around 3-5 minutes. If you choose to jog in place you can split it up into high-knees and butt-kicks, and rest in-between them!

Remember to use your arms while jogging in place, moving them back and forth. The deeper you stand in the water while jogging in place, the more arm resistance and upper body work you’ll get. This should get your heart rate up and your body ready for the next few exercises!

Fun Pool Workout You Can Do This Summer

Tricep Pushups On Side Of Pool

Next we’re going to start working those arms! First you’ll go to the side of the pool where you’re about 4 feet deep. Then place your hands on the side of the pool about shoulder width apart. Lift your self up to straighten your arms.

Keeping your elbows in close to your ribs, bend your elbows to do a small tricep pushup, and then straighten again. Try to do this without letting your feet touch the bottom of the pool. These are tough, but you can do it! Shoot for about 10-20 reps of these depending on how you feel.

Fun Pool Workout To Do This Summer

Bicep Curls

Next we’re going to target those biceps as well as getting more action in the triceps. First you want to stand with your legs apart, toes a little turned out, and knees bent. You want the top of your shoulders to be just above the water and your core engaged.

Then put your hands out in front of you like you’re holding a beach ball, with your palms flat and facing you (almost as if you’re a ballerina). Next, using your elbows as hinges, extend your arms out straight to both sides of you.

Using the resistance of your hands, pull them back to touch. Each time you do this counts as 1 rep, and you will want to try for about 15-20 reps. Great job!

Fun Pool Workout To Do This Summer

Squat Jumps

To continue this pool workout we’re going to move into some squat jumps! This will target your booty and thighs, as well as your core. You’ll do these squats just like you would out of the pool.

Stand with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders and parallel. Make sure when you squat that your shoulders are just under water. Remember to keep your core engaged and squat down.

As you come up, squeeze your glutes as you jump out of the water and then come back down into your squat. When you’re in your squat bring your hands to prayer, and when you jump up you can bring them to your sides for balance. Repeat this about 15-20 times.

Out Of Water Leg Lifts

Now let’s sculpt those abs. For this exercise you’ll want to sit out of the water on the edge of the pool. Put your legs into the water on a diagonal pointing straight and lean back a little. Keep your hands behind you for extra support.

Remember to keep your core engaged by imagining sucking your navel to your spine! This will ensure that you’ll get the most work out of every exercise, keeping your core strong and engaged.

Keeping your legs straight and together with your toes pointed, you’ll bring your legs out of the water to make a V shape with your body. Keep everything tight and moving from your abs as you lower your legs back into the water.

Move with control, rather than from momentum. Try 15-20 reps of these! Great job.

Repeat Circuit 3-4 Times Then Swim Laps/Jog Till Fail

You may repeat this circuit a few times depending on how you feel. Remember to keep drinking water because even though you’re in the water, you’re still sweating and doing hard work.

Once you’ve completed repeating the circuit the desired amount of times, you can end it with swimming laps around the pool until fail, or jogging in place until fail.

This will burn out all the rest of your energy and really complete this awesome workout with a bang. Of course this is optional and either way, you’ve done a great job with this pool workout!

Fun Pool Workout You Can Do This Summer

Cool Down And Stretch

To end this awesome workout be sure to cool down and stretch. You can swim laps around the pool slowly to get your heart rate down, and then get out of the pool to do some of your favorite stretches for your arms, legs, booty, and core. Awesome job!

Fun Pool Workout To Do This Summer

Stay cool while toning your body with this awesome pool workout! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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