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5 Fun Kate Spade Bags And Wallets For Summer

With summer’s warmer weather, the next few months feel like a time for experimentation. Gone are the heavy winter coats and outfits drowning in greys, blacks, and blues, making way for lots of color, fun styles, and unexpected shapes. Kate Spade was known for being a color fanatic, finding a way to make classy bags that actually looked cheerful and exciting. Here are five Kate Spade designs we’re dying to get our hands on this summer, and some more affordable options if you want to try the look without the designer price tag.

1. Halfmoon Crossbody

The Betty Small Moon Crossbody bag is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. It won’t replace your staple tote or large handbag, but it will instead fill the role of a small bag to take out during the day or at night. The colors are charming and fun while still being simple enough to pair with a variety of different outfit types. The bag retails for $348 and while the quality materials and careful design make that investment worth it for many, you can master the look for a lot less. Madewell has a half moon bag design that proves equally as colorful and fun but will only set you back $108.

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2. Sam Stripe Straw Large Tote

For a more casual look, consider investing in a fun version of your basic straw tote bag. This Kate Spade tote costs $248 and comes in three different colors: neutral, red, or blue stripes depending on how bold of a look you want to go for. A straw tote is perfect for those casual beach days where you want to throw a bunch of towels, books, drinks, and sunscreen into your bag and get going. If you’re searching for a non-designer version, look for a tote with fun stripes or detailing that will set you apart from the crowd.

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3. Margaux Slim Continental Wallet

A summer accessory doesn’t have to have crazy patterns or bold prints if that’s not your style. Consider investing in a normal, functional wallet and just picking something in a color outside of your typical comfort zone. This continental wallet comes in nine different shades, though the peachy and hazy shades seem the most fitting for the summer months. While the Kate Spade version costs $158, consider a bright colored zip purse from Calvin Klein for a less expensive option.

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4. Sylvia Grand Flora Large Dome Satchel

For a summer staple, opt for the Sylvia Grand Flora Dome Satchel. This $328 look is floral and festive while still proving simple enough to pair with business outfits or formal gathering attire. If you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a stand out summer piece you’ll only wear a few times, this main handbag offers the versatility and range to really get your money’s worth. Plus, the design is dainty and stunning. Recreate the look with a small, structured handbag with floral details, like this Zxeus one which comes in six shades and retails for just over $30.

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5. Sylvia Flock Party Slim Continental Wallet

Finally, why not go all out on a summer wallet. While other seasons offer muted color pallets and simple silhouettes, capitalize on the chance to opt for a bold print that won’t be forgotten. The Sylvia Flock Party wallet is spacious, well-made, and endlessly fun if you enjoy fashion with a sense of humor. Plus, experimenting with fun wallets is safe and easy as no one ends up spending a lot of time looking at your wallet (which is typically hidden in your purse) other than you.

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What’s your statement bag this summer? Let us know what styles you’re loving in the comments section!

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