10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

Fun Hobbies, 10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

If you’re feeling overwhelmingly bored during quarantine then maybe you could look for finding some new fun hobbies! With all this extra time on our hands, there’s no better opportunity to pick up some new fun hobbies that you’ve been wanting to try. Whether you want to try and be more active, creative, or just have fun – these fun hobbies should appeal! Here are 10 fun hobbies to take up during quarantine!

1. Drawing

Getting creative with drawing or painting can be great for your new, fun hobbies to take up during quarantine. Even if you’re starting at square one being able to only made modest stick figures (like myself) you have plenty of time and resources to learn! The internet has a huge selection of websites and videos that can teach you the basics of drawing, and you can use an online store (like good ol’ Amazon) to order your own sketchbook and pencils! Drawing can be a great hobby to have because you can do it almost anywhere and is a great way to relax and let your creativity flow.

10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

2. Gardening (Indoor or Outdoor)

Gardening can be great when you’re looking for new fun hobbies, especially during quarantine. Having lots of time stuck at home means you’ve got plenty of time to watch over your new plants! You can get some nice indoor plants maybe some little spices to hang in your well-lit kitchen, or get into your backyard/front yard and plant some bigger plants like maybe even tomatoes! All plants are different in terms of required light and water so make sure you do your research so you can plan and not kill your new plants.

3. Biking

Getting out for exercise is a great choice for new fun hobbies! There’s a lot of different options such as walking, rock climbing, running, hiking, and biking. Biking can be a super fun hobby that you can do almost anywhere. Of course, be really careful when biking on the roads with other cars. But if you can find some biking trails that match your level of fitness and such then you can take fun rides that also give you a tough workout. 

10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

4. Learn A New Skill

One of your new fun hobbies you take up during quarantine could be you learning a new skill! This could include you learning how to write better, how to cook better, how to speak another language, how to code for computers, and more! It would be a really productive way to spend your time in quarantine (outside of work, school, etc.) and you’ll be happy you did it. The internet has almost unlimited potential for a variety of online classes and such so spend your time sheltering-in-place productively!

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Although it seems like one of those fun hobbies for old people, jigsaw puzzles can actually be a lot of fun. There a ton of different puzzles out there so you can easily find something that you’d like and want to make. Be careful of puzzles with lots of the same shade of color because those can be tedious! Unless you’re looking for a challenge then go for it.

10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

6. Yoga

Yoga is very popular with a lot of people as a way of relaxation, stress relief, and a bit of exercise. It’s a little difficult to categorize it with “fun hobbies” because it doesn’t exactly cause excitement or anything like that. However, the way it can help you relax and the limbering aspect of it can appeal to a lot of people. There are lots of books and videos online you can look at to see how to get started with yoga if you’re interested in trying it out! 

7. Photography

Photography is great if you’re looking for fun hobbies you can do inside or outside! If you’ve got any pets then you can work on your photography skills but taking lots of pictures of your adorable pet (let’s face it, you were probably doing that anyway). There are lots of places online if you’re interested in getting a more sophisticated camera than your iPhone like a DSLR. There are also many websites and books on learning all about photography like about your focus and lighting and all that. Go on a nice hike or walk around your neighborhood and see what kind of amazing photographs you can take of your surroundings!

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10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

8. Reading

Picking up reading consistently can count for both productive and fun hobbies, depending on what you read. The great thing about reading is there almost an infinite amount of content out there for any personal preferences, moods, or desires. If you want books on past wars then there are entire sections dedicated to that in bookstores and libraries. You can get productive books such as learning to cook or carpenter and learn some new skills during quarantine. You can also read books on an adventure like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter and “escape” this quarantine in a more magical and fun world through the pages and writing of brilliant authors. The possibilities are endless which makes reading one of the best fun hobbies you can take up, especially during quarantine with all this extra free time.

9. Learn How to Cook

You can use your boredom and stir-crazy feelings due to quarantine to learn how to cook! If your standard dinner is a grilled cheese or some frozen, pre-packed meal from the grocery store then you might want to consider this for your new fun hobbies. Although some may argue it, cooking can actually be a fun hobby because the process of preparing and making something delicious with your own two hands can be pretty rewarding. Plus, it’s an attractive trait to someone else if you’re a Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen (without the screaming and brutal nature). 

10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Quarantine

10. Writing

Writing, similar to reading, is a versatile hobby that can be really fun to pick up during quarantine. You can use your extra free time to start your own blog about your quarantine experiences or really about anything you want! If you’re a movie buff you can start a blog reviewing the many movies you’re watching while shelterin-in-place. You never know, maybe it takes off and lots of people want to read what you write!

What are your favorite hobbies you’d suggest to others to take up during this quarantine? Share them in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash
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