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10 Fun Hobbies That Look Good On A Resume

10 Fun Hobbies That Look Good On A Resume

No college, employee, contest, or regular professional resume is complete without extracurricular additions, those hobbies that look good. Since academics is a given, any tiny distinctive will upgrade your resume and make you stand out. Here are some ideas to pick up and put on your resume.

Volunteer Work

With thousands of non-profits organizations across the nation, and many local, volunteering is an easy hobby to pick up, that’ll help make the world, and your resume, better. Some volunteer work examples include public space cleanups, house building,  blood drives, tour guides, assisting in a school’s open house, tutoring a person in need, becoming an online ally, and working in a food bank. Volunteer work is fun and fulfilling, and always needed. To see where you can help, go to your local government center, school or public space. Choose the cause that speaks to and of you.


The world is getting smaller and smaller by the minute, but there are still some bridges to cross, and through knowing and learning  languages you can facilitate that communication between one person and another. A person who likes to learn languages proves to be patient, curious, ambitious, and thoughtful. The top languages employers and recruiters are looking for include the following: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and German. With access to information, learning a language has never been more accessible and entertaining. Some great digital programs are Duolingo and Rosetta Stone.



If you’ve been jotting down in your journal, have been published or have written for school’s ceremonies, let that be known. Writing is a great hobby and skill to develop. Now, more than ever good writers, who can communicate eloquently, are in demand. This skill shows that you are expressive, attentive, and can transmit ideas in a concise, effective manner. With so many different writing forms, show off with the one that speaks to you most. Create a blog, apply for an internship, and submit your works into the pertinent forums for a stronger resume.

Video Production

Those iMovies and insta stories and youtube videos you have recorded, edited, and published can and will make your resume stand out. With the visual arts gaining attention, more companies and schools turn to this type of media to communicate. Having this hobby says that you are creative and skilled in technology, a language that communicates effectively with rising generations. What’s your vision? What would like the world too see? Share your work and make your resume shine. For experience, volunteer at school productions or at media forums to add depth into your resume.


A good GPA and a solid backswing are always welcomed. Sports are one of the best hobbies to adopt into your lifestyle. They speak of discipline, mental, and physical strength and also a good sense of presence. A great pastime to reduce stress and meet new people. With colleges searching for athletes in different areas, you may fit their need. The ability to work in teams, to know how to work hard for what you want, and the maturity to lose and still gain are what makes athletes a strong choice and sports one of the top hobbies that look good on a resume.



As mentioned previously, all visual media and art forms speak volumes of your creative, focused, and tech-savvy persona. A hobby that can be turned into a profit, a protest, a story, an all things that the photographer would like to say. On a resume, it’ll show attention to detail and patience. Adjoin some samples and let the art speak for itself. Photographers are in demand for most companies, and, if interested in art school, a good supplementary skill. Where to perfect your skills? Take a course at Uni, learn by doing, or search for free online classes.


A more costly investment that reaps much more than spent. Traveling is getting to know different cultures, perspectives, ideologies; it permits the traveler to grow into a more sensible and knowledgeable person. It’s super fun and will catch any readers’ attention on your resume. Traveling will let the other person know that you can offer fresh new ideas and solutions to unsolved problems; and that you respect different cultures. Bring a writing journal to your trips and record what you learn, you may just need it one day.

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Reading is the closest thing to living more than one life. It is traveling without leaving, hearing the past talk about the future in the present, it’s walking the other person’s shoe. Reading on a resume tells of a knowledgable, comprehensive, articulate person. Reading is a much-needed skill in any social context and future endeavor. Speak of your favorite works of literature, comment on your preference in genre, and let the person know through what you read, who you are. Also, reading is neglected by many, and knowing that you’ll make due diligence tells of someone who’ll get the job done, correctly.

Going to the Theater

Being a theater junky may just be the next thing to put on your resume. Going to the theater is analyzing a carbon copy of society. It shows that the attendee is interested in social structures, appreciates the fine arts, and is an overall cultivated person. The theater has varied options of spectacles to choose from. Going to the theater will allow you to better understand others and yourself. It’ll impress those around you, but benefit you the most. If you enjoy the cinematic as well, add that too. The cinema is equally treasured as a mirror to society and a learning activity.

Playing an Instrument

Same as sports, musicians are known for their dedication and ingenuity. The ability to play an instrument speaks of a determined, focused, and analytic person. Musicians appear to have better memory and can use both sizes of the brain, which makes them equipped at artistic and critical practices. Some of the most “impressive” instruments to play are the piano, guitar, violin, drums, and saxophone. Add to the list any recital or event you have presented in for an extra kick. Playing an instrument isn’t just one of the hobbies that look good, but one of the hobbies that sounds good as well.


What is your favorite hobby that looks good on your resume? Comment and share!

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