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Fun Halloween Drink Ideas

Fun Halloween Drink Ideas

It’s about midway through October, which means Halloween is approaching quickly. And if you’re planning a Halloween party, you need to have the right decorations and serve refreshments and food that will add to the spookiness of the evening. Here’s a list of a few fun Halloween drink ideas that will scare your guests (in a good way, of course).

1. Witches Brew

Adding dry ice to the container will give it that extra spooky feeling as the smoke pours over the edge of the cauldron.

2. Blood Orange Cocktail

The test tubes really keep the “blood” thing going.

3. Bleeding Heart Martini

A heart on a skewer? Perfect for Halloween.

4. Lychees Martini with eyeballs

Find out to make these creepy eyeballs here. Perfect garnish for a spooky drink.

5. Spooky Halloween Spirits

Get in the spirit of Halloween with this black cocktail.

6. The Grave Digger

Get creative with your garnish to add some scare to this drink.

7. Vampire Punch

If this is what Vampires drink, sign me up!

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8. Candy Corn Infused Vodka

Candy Corn may not be scary, but it is a Halloween staple.

9. Dracula’s Kiss

Can’t go wrong with this black and burgundy cocktail…with a little bite.

10. Haunted Pumpkin Cocktail

They may be haunted, but these pumpkin cocktails aren’t scaring me away!

The key to all these drinks is the garnish. Hang fake spiders off the side, add some eyeballs or black ice cubes, even make an ice block of Medusa’s face looking up out of your punch bowl. Like the blood-orange cocktails, even just putting a blood-colored drink into test tubes (perfect for shots), can make make the drink embody Halloween.

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