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Fun Games To Play With Your Dorm-mates

If you’re fresh to the college scene and want some fun games to play with your roommates, we’ve found some great games for you to try out. Any one of these games will be a blast to play the next time all your roommates are around!

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Get to know your roommates on a deeper level with the We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game. For twenty five dollars you can play this game with 2-6 players. The game comes with two pencils and a notepad, 150 questions and wildcards, and 2 transparent Dig Deeper cards. The purpose of the game is all about empowering meaningful connections. Through three levels of carefully crafted deep questions you can strengthen existing or new relationships. When you’re in college it can be hard to make friends. And if you’re living in a dorm, your roommates are often your first friends. Make this new relationship last by playing this card game to get know your roomies on a much deeper level to make a stronger connection. Prepare for the feelings to come up, because they most definitely will. Expect questions like “What was your first impression of me?” , “How are you, really?” and “What about me most surprised you?”. At the end of the game, it then suggests you to write a handwritten note to one of the players, this could be decided by going in a clockwise order. Don’t be afraid to tap into your feels and emotions, the effects could be extraordinarily positive. The brand also has apparel like hoodies and T-shirts that are really cute. Play this game with your roomies to make your friendship last a lifetime!

Cards Against Humanity

This game is hilarious. There’s absolutely no way that you won’t be having fun and laughing hysterically while playing. It’s the perfect game to break the ice with new friends. Finding out what kind of humor someone has is one way to look into someone’s personality. Like their website says “The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone answers with their funniest white card”. Expect this game to get dark and inappropriate fast. But isn’t that the funniest kind of jokes. This game has been around for awhile so if you haven’t played yet, you should definitely play the game. There also additional packs that you can purchase to change up the game and keep it fresh. Some of the packs include the absurd box, a weed pack, a 2000s nostalgia pack, plus many more that you can look at on the Cards Against Humanity website. Another one that you should consider getting is the College pack. Filled with plenty of cards related to situations that would only happen in college. It’s perfect for you to play with your dormmates! It will get ridiculous but it’s so much fun to play.

Girls Night Out

Gather the girls and get ready to play this fun card game while pre-gaming for a girls night out. This card game can be played with up to six people and includes 81 burning questions for you and your girlfriends to answer and argue about who’s right. Play this when you’re pre-gaming for a night out or play when you’re just having a chill night in with your roommates. How would you answer this question:

Q: What’s the most uncomfortable?

A. underwire in your side

B. talking to someone with bad breath

C. talking to your OBGYN while they are inside of you

D. knowing you may never pay off your student loans

For me, I would have to answer B – talking to someone with bad breath. The whole situation is just awkward because it’s like you don’t know if you should tell them or not. And what if they get offended? And you don’t want to plug your nose while talking, you’ll end up sounding like Squidward and then they’ll ask you why you’re talking like that. See, it’s just a really uncomfortable situation to be in. I have never found a good way out of a situation like that.

Wheel of Odds

Truth or dare just got taken to a whole other level with this game. Wheel of Odds is the ultimate dare game. With three hundred dare cards, there are so many dares you could be put up to while playing this game with your dormmates. Test each other’s fearlessness with some of the dares. To play, spin the wheel to decide which stack of cards you’ll be pulling your dare from. There are three levels of dares- the mild white stack, the risky black one, and the ultimate triple dog dare red stack. Brace yourself for pulling a card from this pile. Below are example’s for what you could find in each color stack:

See Also

White Card Example: Do an interpretive dance showing the pain of stepping on a lego.

Black Card Example: Interlock your fingers with someone else’s toes.

Red Card Example: See the person to your left? K, great. Now pick their nose for 15 seconds.

Yuck, I would not want to pull that red card.

Good luck playing this game with your dormmates, it will be fun as long as you don’t do anything illegal. It will for sure push you out of your comfort zone and get your more comfortable with the people you’re living with. I want to play this one!

Clue: The Office

A classic board game revamped into this fun The Office rendition. Instead of finding out who killed Mr. Body, find out who killed Toby (of course it would be him), where in the Dunder Miflin office he was killed, and what was used to kill him. Now you can’t assume Michael killed Toby, even if he does have a solid motive to do it. And you won’t find Toby stuck in jello either. You can play this game as Pam, Jim, Dwight, Angela, Andy or Angela. Get your roommates together to play this mystery game and figure out who done it.

Which one of these games are you most excited about playing with your dormmates? Any of these are great options and sure crowd pleasers!

Logan Feightner

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