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10 Fun Free Things To Do Around Columbia College Chicago

10 Fun Free Things To Do Around Columbia College Chicago

If you're looking for free things to do around Columbia College Chicago, then these are the best ideas to do around campus that will save you some money!

An urban campus in a big city brings endless possibilities for a college student until you run out of cash. Here are 10 free things to do around Columbia College Chicago.

1. Visit The Museum Of Contemporary Photography

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or just killing time in between classes, the MoCP offers rotating exhibits on various genres, historical events, and current topics. Plus, students can even submit their own work for a chance to be featured.

2. Spend An Afternoon Hanging Out At North Avenue Beach

Student regularly use this beach as an evening location to hang out, eat food, and listen to moody music. If you go during the daytime it’s a great place for homework or just chilling out.


3. Catch An Advanced Screening Of The Newest Film

Being in Chicago means you get extra perks like seeing the hottest flick before any of your friends. Movie studios regularly put out notifications for free film screenings that anyone can attend, just be sure to show up early as the house becomes full quickly.

4. Check Out The Chicago Design Museum

My roommates love this one because it incredibly close to campus. Additionally, it’s open to the public throughout the entire year. Get inspired for free!

5. Keep Warm At The Lincoln Park Conservatory

Chicago winters may keep you indoors, but if you’re looking for a little greenery head over to the Lincoln Park district to enjoy the conservatory. It’s open to the public all year round.


6. Walk Over To Michigan Avenue To Window Shop

Sure, you might be broke but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about owning a real Valentino dress. Browsing the shops on Michigan Ave. is a delight all in itself. This is one of the most fun free things to do around Columbia College Chicago!

7. Visit The Museum Of Science And Industry

Most museums have free days for the general public, and the Museum of Science and Industry is no different. Go on their website to find one to fit your schedule.

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8. Sign Up For A Free Class

If you’re a health nut or simply trying to find an outlet, there are myriads of free weekend classes you can attend. CorePower yoga is a favorite of mine, but sign up early because spots fill up fast.

9. Head Over To The Art Institute

As a Columbia student you’ll automatically receive free admission to the museum. Why not take advantage of your tuition dollars and all the neat artifacts  simultaneously?

10. Bike Through Grant Park

Take your bike or steal a friends and cruise through Grant Park while you contemplate how much money you don’t have. The park is a favorite haunt of mine based on it’s distance from campus and the open spaces to explore.


What do you think about these free things to do around Columbia College Chicago? Let us know in the comment section below!

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