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10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just getting to know each other, it’s nice to go on a date that doesn’t break your wallet, especially when you’re testing the waters and are not quite sure if the relationship will go anywhere. These fun free dates will help you focus your time and energy into getting to actually know the other person, instead of worrying about the cost of it. Here are ten fun free date ideas you can plan when going on your next one!

1. Puzzles 

Putting together a puzzle can be a fun free date that allows you to get to know each other at the same time. Doing a puzzle can show just how well you work together to complete something. It creates a close intimate vibe between just you and your significant other, allowing you to connect on a deeper level.

Grab a 1000-piece puzzle and sit down with that special someone for your next date and let the magic happen. This can take the place of many dates to complete the puzzle, which gives you even more quality time together. Then, once you finish, you can admire the completed product together!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

2. Work-out together

Couples who work-out together, stay together! That’s how the saying goes, right? This can be such a fun free date to do for those active couples out there! Going for a run, or hitting the weights can form a bond you never knew was there.

You can get creative with it by helping each other, which promotes more intimacy (oooo la la) or you can make it a healthy competition. Working out with your partner can benefit you both by getting to spend time with each other while working on your health and fitness as well. It’s a win-win!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

3. Paint & Wine/Alcohol

This has become an activity that many pay to do but you can do this right in the comfort of your home! Sure, going out to a company and having someone coach you is fun and all but the seclusion of being at home with just your companion is even more romantic!

Just pour two glasses of wine, or beverage of your choice and let the creativity flow from both of you. Paint what you feel and you might discover things about that person you never knew. If you’re not much of a painter, try turning on a Bob Ross tutorial and remember, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

4. Hiking/Walking Trails

If you and your significant other love the outdoors, this is a perfect fun free date for you! Hiking or walking trails can be such a peaceful activity. With nature all around you, you can appreciate quality time spent with your S.O.

Try and hit the trails during the early mornings or late evenings to avoid traffic, making for a more secluded and personal date. You can maybe even watch the sunrise or sunset, depending on where you are!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

5. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking with someone you like/love can really strengthen a bond. Pick your favorite meal and give each other jobs to do within the cooking process. This fun free date at home can truly give you a glimpse into the future.

You can make this as intimate or as casual as you like without adding any pressure. If you’re feeling it, maybe even add in some dessert—and it doesn’t always have to be food!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

6. Movie Marathon

This one stems from the popular “Netflix and Chill” but let’s take it old school style to the DVD and VHS days. Binge on old Disney movies, or maybe you like Dirty Dancing, or Blue Lagoon. Cozy up next to your significant other and revel over just how good those oldies were.

Watching movies in your own home gives you the freedom to stay in your pajamas, eat whatever you want and maybe even sip on some wine. What more could you want?!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

7. Farmer’s Market or Art Show

Most places usually have Farmer’s Markets or Art Festivals during the weekends. This could be such a fun free date to add to your list! Just imagine holding hands, walking around and looking at the cool and creative art or local food from around your area.

You can keep it light without spending a dime, just soak in quality time with your other half. You can also take a little cash and get something in memory of your time there together.

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10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

8. Strip Game Night

If you’re feeling extra frisky and you want to add a bit more fun into your games, incorporate stripping into each game you play. This builds a bit more anticipation and eagerness to grow close intimately.

Try strip blackjack, Jenga, or truth or dare. Turn it into a friendly competition! You never know—all this developed tension could lead you to the bedroom!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

9. Watching Home Videos

We are always curious about our significant other’s childhood or family dynamics. Plus, it’s just fun to watch videos from the past. Watching each other’s home videos is such an adorable way to get to know them even more.

You can see how they were like as a child, or what funny things they may have said. It brings back nostalgic feelings and lets the imagination take over for how your future may look one day. So, break out the home videos, pop some popcorn and enjoy watching your 4-year-old lover learn to ride a bike!

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

10. Find Out Each Other’s Love Language

This is such a simple and fun free date to add to the books! Knowing each other’s love language can help you know exactly how the other responds to and receives the love you’re giving to them.

You can both take the Love Language quiz, read the results, and incorporate new ways to show each other love in the ways you both accept them. This can strengthen a relationship immensely! 

10 Fun Free Dates You Never Thought Of

We’ve all been through times where we need a date night but may not want to spend the money on it. These are some fun free dates you can incorporate into your life! Let us know in the comments your favorites!

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