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Fun Fall Dessert Recipes The Kids Will Adore

Fun Fall Dessert Recipes The Kids Will Adore

With the fall fast approaching (I mean, it’s still only mid-July, but how are we over halfway done 2019!?), it’s about time that we look towards the sweet side of fall: the apple cider, the pumpkin spice, the rich and nutty flavours. Mm, mm, good! Below I’ve shared five dessert recipes that are perfect for both you and the kids in your life! 

1. Pumpkin Tartlets

You really can’t go wrong with anything that has pumpkin in it during the fall, and the cute name “tartlet” is perfect to make any kid smile. Jessie’s recipe is kid-friendly and oh so delicious. You can use refrigerated pie crust and a muffin tin to make your life a whole lot easier and to make your tarts the perfect size for adults and kids. Add marshmellows or fun designs, like in the photo below. 

Bonus: My best friend also recommends getting canned pumpkin pie filling but adding the sugar for sweetness and cream cheese to make a cheesecake-y kind of filling. 


2. Apple Crisp

A super easy recipe that is guaranteed to have anyone you’re serving it to flock for seconds and thirds. Apple crisp is the perfect quintessential fall dessert recipe because it’s not too sweet and oh so flavourful. Take a large scoop right after it’s out of the oven (but not too hot!) and add a dollop or two of vanilla ice cream over top and that’s heaven right there.

This recipe is a bit ingredient heavy, but a lot of the ingredients are those you likely already have from other baking recipes. The major ingredient for these are granny smith apples, which will add a touch of tartness to the recipe, balancing out any sweetness from the sugars. 


3. Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream

This recipe for a sweet and savoury cupcake are incredibly rich and flavourful, making for a perfect dessert treat for yourself and for anyone else. They are bite-sized, so perfect for kiddos, and guilt-free for the conscious adults. 

The filling is banana cream and heavenly. The beauty of this recipe is that you can make this a little bit healthier or indulgent depending on how you feel. You can modify this recipe to make them muffins made with real bananas as more of an on the go snack and/or healthy dessert, or you can jam-pack your cupcake muffins with as much banana cream as you can muster. You can also either make the peanut butter buttercream in the recipe or even just put natural peanut butter on top for a healthier alternative. 


4. Caramel Apple Nachos 

Easy, quick, and *mostly* healthy, these Caramel Apple Nachos are a perfect addition to your fall menu (pictured below). This is a perfect treat for anyone who loves fall festival caramel apples, or for anyone who loves apples, in general.

The apples are cut into apple slices to create “nachos” and then drizzled or sprinkled with different sweet sauces and sweet treats. Kristyn from Lil’ Luna drizzles caramel and white chocolate sauce and sprinkles white chocolate chips and toffee bits onto her granny smith apple slices. The combination of sweet toppings with tart granny smith apples makes for the perfect pair, too! Kristyn also offers different topping ideas in case you wanted a different sweet flavour, like peanut buttle drizzle, ground cinnamon, butterscotch chips. 

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These snacks are a perfect finger food sweet treat for kids with an added nutritious benefit because of the apples. 

5. Marbled Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies

If you’ve never had chocolate and pumpkin together, you’re in for a real treat. Imagine the most rich and divine combination that a sweet treat could be and that’s it. These Marbled Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies not only look beautiful but taste delicious (pictured below). They are made with canned pumpkin and unsweetened chocolate, along with 3 ounces of cream cheese so that you get a velvety, rich texture along with taste. 


Another excellent fall treat for the kiddos in your life because of the beautiful colouring of the chocolate and pumpkin blended together, as well as the taste. No doubt you’ll fall in love with this fall treat.

Which fall dessert recipes are your favourite during autumn? Share your recipes below!

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