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Fun Events You May Not Know Palmdale Had

Fun Events You May Not Know Palmdale Had

Living in Palmdale, sometimes you forget to keep up with the fun and interesting events that happen in the community. From Music In The Park with friends or a night out on the town square, there is something for everyone. So, mark your calendars because here are some fun events you may not know Palmdale had.

Thursday Night On The Square 

A fun event that is perfect during the summer weather is attending Thursday Night On The Square! Every Thursday from early July to late August, the City of Palmdale holds this event that has live music, food, booths, and an open-air market.

Don’t forget to bring a blanket or lawn chair so you can enjoy live music. The genres of music vary from smooth jazz to cumbias. There is no shame in getting up to dance, everyone will join in! The food choices that are available come from caterers in the local area, so it is a perfect time to try out something new or eat as many street tacos as you can. 


You will also have fun walking around looking at the variety of booths, usually, they are from organizations that want you to get involved in helping the community or they are vendors with super cute light up balloons and more. The open-air market is something that catches everyone’s attention. You will see vendors selling items they have handmade, such as beautiful, one of a kind jewelry. 

This fun event really brings you closer to the community and it is something to always look forward to in the summer. So if you missed it this year, be sure to enjoy it next summer. 


Movie Nights 

This event is not out of the ordinary, everyone loves fun movie nights! You may have not known how many movie nights take place during the summer and spring in Palmdale. Grab a group of your close friends and enjoy a movie that you may have never seen before or known by heart. 

The movie nights are located either at Dry Town Waterpark, the Palmdale Amphitheater, or the Palmdale City Library. Typically in the evenings around 5pm. During the summer they are held on Friday nights, and during the spring they are midweek on Wednesday evenings. So it’s a perfect time to get comfortable and head out to see a movie with your family or friends. You can bring blankets and snacks for maximum enjoyment possible. 

Some of the recent showings include Top Gun (1986), Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (1961) and Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon (2010). Movies are something fun for everyone and this event is a grantee to be a great part of your week’s plans, so be ready to find out when the next movie night is on the City of Palmdale Event Calendar


Music In The Parks 

For music lovers, this will be a very fun event to attend. Music In The Parks is an event where everyone can go listen to some good music and enjoy a night of food and even dance lessons. Music In The Parks is held at the Poncitlan Square and at Domenic Massari Park starting at 6pm. There are so many of these events from June through August. Perfect to put on your summer bucket list. 

Bring your blankets and lawn chairs because there will be live music coming your way. The music that is performed is from small bands making their way to fame. Some of the bands that performed this year include Seventh Switch, POP Vision, The Akoustiks, On Top, and Runaway. Maybe you will find your new favorite band? Don’t be afraid to try and sing along, it makes everything even more fun! 


There are food trucks providing delicious meals and other vendors selling snacks and beverages as well. They also offer dance lessons, so bring friends and learn how to bop to some crazy toons! This is an absolute must event to attend, so get excited to hear who will be taking the stage next summer.

Paws In The Park 

This fun event is perfect for our furry friends and of course the doggy lovers as well! At the Yellen Dog Park, the City of Palmdale celebrates the anniversary of the park with Paws In The Park which is June 15th. It has now become an annual event because of how much we love to bring our dogs, big and small, all together for them to have some summer fun. 


The event is mostly targeted towards the enjoyment of our four-legged friends, but you will most definitely have a great time. Bring your dog’s bathing suit because there is a splash zone where they can run around and get wet! Who wouldn’t love that? There are fun photo areas where dogs can have their picture taken, it really is the cutest thing ever. But wait there’s more! You can put your pup to the test and see how artistic they are, the event provides paw art supplies to create masterpieces. 

This event really is any dog owner’s dream. Not only is it a great opportunity for dogs to socialize but it also lets you get to know the other dog lovers in your area. So if you are looking forward to it, make sure not to miss it! 

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Women’s Health And Fitness Day 

This is a fun and girl-empowering event you won’t want to miss! This Women’s Health And Fitness Day will take place on September 25, from 5 until 7 at the Domenic Massari Park. This is an event that is celebrated nationwide, and it is exciting to have it in our community, so it should encourage you and your closest girlfriends to participate. 

It really promotes the importance of women’s health and for us to support one another as a community to live a healthy and fit life. Health and fitness should be big parts of our lives, so take the time to learn more about it at the event. Groups that will be present and supporting are Fitchow, Picnic Grounds and Heritage Sierra Medical Group. These groups take a role in our community so you show go hear what they have to say. 


Something very exciting will also be happening. There will be a free fitness class at 5:15pm and a yoga class at 6:15pm. All these activities sound like so much fun, so be sure to attend because it will be something not worth missing, so bring plenty of water and plenty of girlfriends!

Kaleidoscope Art And Music Festival

Festivals are always so much fun and this event will really be one of a kind. The Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival will be October 12th, from 10am to 6pm at the Palmdale Amphitheater. It is coming up very soon. 


The festival is bringing awareness to the importance of the arts in our community. There will be work from different Palmdale artists and artisans on display. There will also be musicians performing throughout the day to showcase their talent as well. 

Something that will be very exciting to see is a full-color piece that has been done by many members of the community. So hurry and get your tickets! Because this event will be filled with so much art and talent to enjoy. 


Are you planning to go to any of these fun events in Palmdale? Are there more that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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