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20 Fun Destinations For Leafers

20 Fun Destinations For Leafers

Destinations for leaf-peeping are fairly easy to come by. Now fun destinations…those are a whole different ballpark. We’re going to look at some good locations where you can get your sightseeing in and also have a little more to do once you’re done… peeping. When the deciduous foilage decides to fall, is entirely dependent on topography and latitude.

Just Above The Southern Tips Of Canada

Canada has beautiful forests and a progressive atmosphere. Just beyond the border is the best place to find your leaf location, because you’re closer to more Canadian activities. Most of Canada’s population lives right next to the U.S. border. You’ll want to go a little bit north of these to find peace in the trees that surround you. Good places for this tranquil state are Kejimkujik National Park and the Rouge National Urban Park. The Toronto Zoo is right next to the Rouge Urban Park. 

20 Fun Destinations For Leafers


The Green Mountain National Forest

Travel through Route 7 to Manchester, Vermont. Along the way, you can hit up some small towns. Go over and visit the Hildene, the Lincoln family home of the only child “to survive to adulthood.” Vermont is the 14th state and the 1st in Vermont residents’ hearts. Vermont has less than a million people living there, so it is a great place to visit that foilage without those pesky things called humans. It’s right next to Canada, so you could use this as a slingshot location to get your Canada on.

20 Fun Destinations For Leafers

Aspen, Colorado

This place is surrounded by forests like the Axis powers were surrounded by Allied forces. The amount of lost you could get yourself here can go up to life-threatening, and…that’s kind of beautiful in a way. Aspen has many outdoor activities, like hiking and horseriding. You can walk up entire mountains here—with peaks! You don’t really get that out here in the eastern parts.


Boston, Massachusetts

Staying around this big city while you look at leaves is a great treat. There are many trails here, both historical and hiking. You can see any number of artists performing here, at any given time. This place has lots of comedy venues to check out, if you’re in for a laugh, while you seek those reds, yellows, and oranges. As for driving, imagine you took all the roads from Pittsburgh and dumped everyone from NYC on them. Try to stay clear of the city-city if you want to take the time to appreciate why you’re really coming here.

20 Fun Destinations For Leafers

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Mid-Western Pennsylvania

This is an area where your cell phone’s signal will die a horrible and tragic death. It will cry out in agony as that last bar of life plonks on to the cosmic ether. If you’re looking to find the best carpentry artisans, look no further than Amish-made items. There’s lots of culture in the Pittsburgh area that yinz’ll love. Go down to the Strip District for some unique foods.

You can hit up the State College area, as you’re passing through. Altoona has the biggest Sheetz. Sheetz is a gas station that puts GetGo, Turkey Hill, Country Fair, and Wawa to shame. The leaves are very beautiful, just don’t hit a deer.

Portland To Seattle

Take a trip along the edges of a few huge forests, getting the best of both worlds. These are wonderful places with unique cultural trends. Some attractions to see would include Mills End Park, the smallest park in the world, and the great scenes for underground music and comedy.

Think of pure, unadulterated hipster and you’ve come to visualize these two places. Rainy areas are the best because they add to the earthy aroma, and the sound drowns out the rest of civilization. Petrichor is the smell of the rain. 

Where do you think the best destinations for leafers are? Let us know in the comments section below!

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