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10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we do things in our daily lives, including how we socialize, and yes, date. Despite the conditions, people are still finding ways to go on dates, whether with their existing loved ones or to meet someone new. Below are some easy and fun zoom date ideas for socially distanced virtual date ideas, and you can do them with friends too!

1)  Synchronized Movie Night

Who doesn’t watch movies on their computers these days? Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have made it super easy to watch movies and TV shows wherever and whenever, and new technologies for video chats and screen sharing have helped make this experience more interpersonal.

Netflix Party is a recently introduced service from Netflix that “synchronizes video playback and adds [a] group chat to your favorite Netflix shows,” (you can learn more here). This makes it super easy and convenient to watch your favorite movies and shows with your significant other(s) and/or friends, while still talking and cracking jokes at the same time!

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

2) (Video) Game Night

Playing board games is pretty impractical over video chat, but online games are a great way to spend time together because they’re fun, collaborative, and virtual. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch was released at the beginning of quarantine around March/April, and it immediately soared in popularity on social media. Even celebrities like Brie Larson, Chrissy Tiegen, and Elijah Wood, have tweeted about playing the game. Animal Crossing is a great choice because you can create a personalized virtual avatar representing yourself, and visit your friends games through online play, sharing the fun experience together.

Another great option is Jackbox Games. Jackbox Games is a collection of party video games that can be played across a variety of devices. The games have already been super popular for a number of years at in-person parties, with players using their phones as controllers for a game displayed on a TV. But the game can be played virtually as well, as long as there is some sort of shared screen streamed to all players!

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

3) Video Chat Cooking

Cooking with your partner is always simple and comforting stay-at-home date activity, but if you weren’t able to quarantine with your significant other, then don’t fret because you can still cook together. That’s right, you technically won’t be working on the same dish, but you’ll still be cooking the same dish, if that makes sense. Basically, you and your partner vide chat while cooking the recipe from your respective kitchens. That way you can still share the experience of cooking together, even if you can’t taste necessarily each other’s food. You can even compete to see whose dish turns out looking the best, kind of like your own personal Master Chef!

4) Try Learning Trendy Dances

Going to some type of class is always a fun date idea because you get to spend time with your partner AND learn a new skill. And struggling and failing while learning can make for some funny and hilarious moments too. Most venues have been shut down for safety concerns, but fortunately people are happy to teach their skills across the internet.

Thanks to the music and dance app TikTok, tons of short dances have been trending all across the internet. It seems like there’s a new dance to learn almost every week. This endless stream means you can do this together quite often whenever you need quick zoom date ideas! Even if you don’t know how to dance, exchanging goofy videos with your partner or friends is still a fun shared experience.

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

5) PowerPoint Presentations

Okay, this idea obviously sounds boring and kind of weird don the surface, like who wants to do business-y work stuff as a date? But it’s actually really cute and fun! Friend groups have been doing this since before the pandemic, and the concept has taken flight as people have begun sharing them online. After all, zoom is a business conferencing app, so these are great zoom date ideas!

Basically, each person is tasked with creating a PowerPoint (or Google Slides, or whatever software you prefer) about literally any topic they want. It can be as serious or silly as you want. The goofiness of the whole idea is really what makes it so fun! Plus, it gives you the chance to really wear your heart on your sleeve by sharing something you’re passionate about with your loved ones. You can really have lots of fun with it because the options are endless!

6) Home Tours

A lot of people have been taking advantage of this extra time at home, and using it to redecorate their homes, making them look really new and spiffy. After all, we’re all spending spend a lot of time at home now, so we best enjoy our surroundings.

House tours have been a recurring trend amongst Youtubers and other influencers for a while now, and the concept goes at least as far back when MTV did exposés on celebrities’ “cribs”. And now you can do the whole experience too, all from the comfort of your own bedroom! Because what’s cozier than showing your significant other your newly spruced up abode?

7) Read A Book Together

Maybe you’ve recently picked up or finished an amazing book that you just have to share with your partner, or maybe you want to start reading but you just can’t find the motivation. Either way, reading a story together over video chat is a cute and cozy way to spend time together. It’s kind of like “popcorn” reading from grade school, if you ever did that.

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Just take turns reading paragraphs or pages and get immersed into the book’s world with each other. It will give you something to talk about too. This activity is probably better suited to a group of friends rather than a couple, but it still works for both, and you can into a double date or even a book club, they all great zoom date ideas for friends and lovers!

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

8) Take Virtual Tours

Exploring new places is always more fun with someone you love, but unfortunately the current situation is not best for traveling. Thankfully, many destinations are offering people the option to take virtual tours, so other zoom date ideas include visiting places like the Louvre and the Guggenheim museum without having to pay a single penny!

And with programs like Google Earth, you can explore everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the Great Barrier Reef. It may not beat experiencing it in person, but it’s a good solution for the time being and definitely saves money! If you really want to take it to the next level, you can plan your dream vacations together for when places open back up for visitors.

9) Wine Night

Zoom dates don’t have to be super complicated, and sometimes it really is just as simple as drinking a glass of wine with your favorite person. It’s also a great activity to do with friends, and can be combined with other activities on this list as well. At the end of the day, dates are really more about just spending time with the person than what you activity you’re actually doing. If you want to step up the date and make it a bit more fun, you can try out making new drinks and sharing recipes.

10 Fun Date Ideas You Can Do Over Zoom

10) Pillow Talk

Again, dates are really more about spending time together than anything you’re doing. To keep it safe for work, great zoom date ideas are as simple as calling up your partner, especially on video chat so you can see them, and talking about your day and whatever else you want. Words of affirmation and quality time are the best ways to express love over video, and what you want take to the bedroom and try is your business.

Although it’s not ideal, there are plenty of creative ways to come up with zoom date ideas and hangouts with loved ones over video calling services like the pervasive Zoom. It’s always more about just being together than being lonely anyways. Let us know your favorite virtual dates in the comments below!

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