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20 Fun Date Ideas That Aren’t Netflix And Chill

20 Fun Date Ideas That Aren’t Netflix And Chill


Gone are the days of chivalry when the boy would text you on a Tuesday night to make dinner plans for Saturday. Now, guys just show up at your door, sloppily dressed, cheap Chinese food in hand, and start watching a random show, ready to go for your boobs within the first 5 minutes. Netflix and chill might be the most convenient, lazy and cheap way to spend time with bae, but every once in a while, you need a fun night/day out to find out new things about each other and to keep your relationship from getting stuck in a rut. Keep reading for fun date ideas that aren’t Netflix and chill!

1. Spend the day at an amusement park.

I say this is perfect for a nontraditional first date. There are literally so many things you can do at an amusement park, there’s no room for awkward silences. You can get food, ride tall water slides, and squeeze each other’s hands on the roller coaster. All the adrenaline and none of the pressure for making a good first impression.


2. Listen to some music at a Jazz Club.

Seriously, did La La Land (and especially Ryan Gosling) not make you appreciate and love jazz? (Such a great movie btw. Go see that for a date first if you haven’t yet!)

3. Go bowling!

4. Take a salsa class!

Who doesn’t love dancing? And now you can actually learn some legit salsa steps with your bae. Could life be more perfect?


5. Cook a meal together.

It can be hella tasty, or it can end up setting off the fire alarm as you forget the roast in the oven. Either way, this makes for a great bonding session and it feels so good to make something together, even if it tastes awful!

6. Go to the concert of a local band.

You will be surprised how much hidden talent your town has that you had no idea of.



7. Volunteer!

Play with children, pet some adorable animals, chat with old people. Whatever it is, it will feel great doing something nice for the society together.

8. Be workout buddies.

Go run in the morning or try some exercises at home. Couples who work out together stay together!


9. Catch a sports game.

Trust me guys will swoon if they find out their gal wants to go to a baseball game

10. Play video games with him.

See number 9.


11. Go to a coffee shop and people watch.

This is one of my favorite date ideas that aren’t Netflix and chill. It’s so calming to just silently sit there and watch out the window. Sometimes it is each other’s presence that counts because you realize how lucky you are to have found each other in this crowd of a million people. Every relationship needs that appreciation once in a while.

12. Go to a drive-in theatre.

This is classic movie experience you can’t miss out on.


13. Explore an art gallery or museum.

Take a tour. Appreciate the art and history. Soak in the culture.

14. Enjoy the winter activities.

If you are dating during winter, take total advantage of it. Go sledding. Or skiing. Build a snowman. Make hot chocolate and snuggle in front of the fire with a blanket. Do some Christmas shopping! There’s endless opportunities really.

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15. Go Hiking!

If you enjoy the outdoors, this will be one of your favorite date ideas that aren’t Netflix and chill. Explore the outdoors by checking out some of the most amazing hiking trails. Breathe in fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature and get a great workout from it. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can try something more extreme like skydiving or white water rafting!


16. Go on a picnic in the park.

Get some of your favorite snacks, a blanket and basket and your all set!

17. Explore your city.

Dig deep and check out some of the local bars, restaurants, and shops that you never knew existed.


18. Go to the beach.

Try out a nude beach for a change. Or if that’s not you then you could always take bae there at night and go skinny dipping! Pro tip: pretend that the idea just popped into your head. Anything spontaneous will always turn him on!

19. Double date.

Grab your other friends who are also a couple, or each one of you can get one of your single friends and set them up and go with them. Double dates can be so much fun if you let them.

20. Take a late night long drive and stop for ice cream.

What are your favorite date ideas that aren’t Netflix and chill? Comment below!
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