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10 Fun Date Ideas Around Mizzou That Aren’t Netflix And Chill

10 Fun Date Ideas Around Mizzou That Aren’t Netflix And Chill

Are you tired of Netflix and chill? Then these date ideas around Mizzou are perfect for you! They're fun and won't leave you broke!

Coming up with fun date ideas can be tricky, especially if you’re a broke college student. But look no further. Say goodbye to the ’Netflix and Chill’ slump and hello to these fun and flirty date ideas around Mizzou.

1. Hike at the Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles is a mile long park trail and is great for hiking and rock climbing. The Pinnacles are surrounded by thousands of beautiful trees and a river. Picnic tables surround the sun-lit park, and best yet, it’s all free! So, ditch the Netflix and get outside and explore!


2. Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Another beautiful hiking location located just outside of campus. This large park is full of many different trails, and caves known as the Devil’s Icebox. This is a great date idea that gets you and your partner outside rather than sitting inside watching TV!



3. Bowling at AMF Town and Country Lanes.

Located right by campus, on Providence road, this place offers not only bowling, but billiards, an arcade, and a sports bar.

4. Picnic on the quad.

Grab a sandwich, drinks, and a blanket, and sit outside on the quad and soak in the sun! The quad is where the beautiful columns stand, and is right behind Jesse Hall.

5. Mizzou Sporting Event.

Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, or many of the other sports here at Mizzou, sporting events are a great and fun date idea.


6. Drinks at the Roof on Broadway.

The Roof is a rooftop bar at the Double Tree Hotel on Broadway. With great drinks and views of the city, this would be a relaxing and fun date.



7. Coffee at Fretboard Coffee.

This is a specialty roastery and café located in downtown Columbia. The café is beautifully-authentic, and attached to an awesome art store. Oh, and the coffee and tea are to die for!

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8. Roller Blade at Empire Roller Rink.

Roller blading makes for a fun, active, and interesting date. Ditch the basic date ideas—Netflix— and do something fun!


9. Dinner at MidiCi.

Recently opened is this Neapolitan pizza company that everyone is raving about! Not only is the restaurant located right on Broadway, but the restaurant is also very aesthetically pleasing. Great food, great drinks, and a great location all make for a great date.

10. Walk along the MKT trail.

This is another chance for you and your date to get outside and get active, to ditch the couch and TV, and make good conversation! The MKT contains miles of different and beautiful trails.



What are your favorite date ideas around Mizzou?
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