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Fun & Cute Accessories For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has many accessories on the market, but some third-party creators have come up with adorable accessories for the Nintendo Switch. Many of the items are available online and are affordable! Check out the items below to see how you can customize your Switch and add personality to your console and gaming space!

KINVOCA Wireless Controller

This adorable controller is wireless, pink, and white and has what appears to be cat ears as part of the controller design. The controller is not huge and clunky and makes the perfect accessory for those wanting to add more color options to their controllers and want something wireless. The controller can be ordered on Amazon and will set you back $36. It is a cute controller for yourself or anyone who loves pink or cats.

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LeyuSmart Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Games

This game card case for Nintendo Switch games comes in three color choices, white, dark blue, and pink. The case holds up to ten Switch Game Cards. The card case is reminiscent of the old Gameboy and brings a lot of nostalgia to those who gamed on the GameBoy and old Nintendo game consoles. You can purchase the card case at Amazon for $9.

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PERFECTSIGHT Cute Thumb Grip Caps

Like myself and many other gamers, you prefer using a thumb grip cap on your joy-con or any controller you use. These grips are adorable designs that resemble Hello Kitty characters. There are other grips in different designs and characters as well. It is a great idea to pick these up for both functionality and aesthetic design! It allows you to have a better grip while playing and gives you a bit more control whilst playing your favorite Switch games.

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PowerA Pokemon Joy-Con Comfort Grip

Comfort grips have become necessary for gaming with a regular Nintendo Switch Console (not Switch Lite). Joy-cons slide right into this holder and allow you to play with ease. The back of the holder has rubber grips for you to hold on to, and you can game as if you were using a pro controller. The recent designs of the comfort grips are fun and cute for Pokemon lovers or Animal Crossing fans. I recently picked up several of the Animal crossing comfort grips and love them! I bought one for my son, one for myself, and one for my mother. The design is adorable, but the functionality of the product makes it worth it. I use mine every day and find it to be a must-have! Pick up the Pokemon Joy-Con Comfort Grip by PowerA today!

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HORI Compact PlayStand

Whether you are traveling or playing with others, sometimes a stand is a need for the Nintendo Switch. The Hori stand allows you to adjust the height, and it folds up compact to pack away with the rest of your Nintendo Switch items when not in use. There are various designs such as Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, and black. The stand is $13 and a great item to add to your accessories for tabletop gameplay.

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DLseego Protective Case

This protective case is clear but has glitter in it. The case is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. So If you are looking to add a bit of sparkle to your life, pick up this case. You can protect your Switch with style. Don’t forget you can add skins to your switch, and those will show through with this clear case but have the added glitter to the design. Combining the two could make a unique and cute design! Pick up the case on Amazon.

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SYMOCA Travel Carrying Case

This adorable case looks like Mario’s outfit, but when you open it up, you will find a spot for nearly everything for your Nintendo Switch! This cute hard case will protect your system and accessories with ease while traveling. The case can hold 16 game cards, a pro controller, accessories with a dock, and an AC adapter.

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See Also

PowerA Protection Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

If you do not want something big and bulky and just want to carry your switch around, this is the case! This case is Animal Crossing-themed and meets the essential need for the protection of your console! There is a spot to carry games, a mesh zipped pocket for wires or other small accessories, and of course, a spot to hold your Switch Lite system.

Get it here:

Clear Glitter Case for Switch

Like the listing above, this is a clear glitter case for the Switch console. This one is for the regular Switch, where the other is for the Lite. This one also has additional elements, such as cherry blossoms. The protection case works for the whole console when it is not docked. The controllers and screen are encompassed with the clear glitter case and not only add protection and personality, but it will help the console from slipping in your hands as you play handheld.

Get it here:

Funlab Premium Game Card Case

This is another card-carrying case that you can purchase for your Nintendo Switch. The design of this case resembles a Pokedex from Pokemon. The case holds up to six game cards and is great for traveling or needing something more portable to carry your games in while moving around. The case is hard on the outside but has rubber slots to hold the games in place and preventing any damage and scratches.

Get it here:

JAMSWALL Joy Con Controller

This controller takes on a different shape, but it replaces using your typical joy-cons and comfort grip. There is a motion control, and the controller can hold three-game cartridges for your Nintendo Switch. The design has a unique comfort grip design for playing for lengthy amounts of time. You can pick up the joy-con controller on Amazon.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles on the market, and there are endless suppliers and third-parties stores to purchase from. Share some of these unique, fun, and cute Nintendo Switch Accessories today! Be sure to share with your fellow Switch lovers! Overall, there are many accessories you can find whether you Google items, look on TikTok, or

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