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10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

If you and your favorite person bore or just need some type of bonding activity, you to need to try out some fun crafts. They’ll not only help you two kill time, but crafts can be challenging at times so the two of you overcoming the challenges will strengthen your bond.

1. Scrapbooking

This is the best craft to start off a list of fun crafts to do with your SO, or even your bestie. Create a book filled with your best memories together. You can include pages such as: ‘how we met’, ‘our first date’, ‘what I love about you’. This is a craft you can do together or make it a present for that special person.

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

2. Paint Each Other With Your Eyes Closed

When you think of fun crafts, there has to be laughing involved. Also, you don’t have to be great at doing crafts, the fun is in the experience. This is one craft that will test your skills and is one where it is okay to laugh at the other person’s work. Grab some paint and paper and tell the person drawing to close their eyes and paint you from their memory.

3. Throw Paint At A Canvas

This is one of the messier fun crafts so make sure you guys are willing to clean up after. Put a canvas in the middle of a room, grab some paint, dip your paint brush in your color of choice, and flick it at the canvas. To add more fun, don’t be scared to get paint on each other!

4. Pottery

You can do this either at your own home or go to a pottery studio. Get some clay and try and make something together. You can both do something separate but it’s more challenging if you two try and coordinate yourselves to work together.

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

5. Complex Origami

Going through a challenge together can strengthen a relationship. You don’t have to do a challenge like survive the zombie apocalypse, you can do a smaller challenge, like origami. If you two have never done origami before then try and start with a big challenge. Some pretty tricky ones include a parrot, a butterfly, or a rose. The important thing to remember is to not get stressed if you can’t get it.

6. Friendship Bracelets

One of the more nostalgic fun crafts are friendship bracelets. These are perfect to do with your favorite person because ou two can make one for each other. Get some colorful thread and do a simple braided bracelet or try and learn a cool pattern. Some patterns let you even add some fun decorations for the bracelet which can make it more important to who you’re giving it too.

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

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7. Create A Drawing Together

This is something I did as a child. I did a lot of fun crafts as a kid but this one was my favorite because the creation always turned out hilarious. Take a piece of paper and fold it up into 3 to four sections. You start and draw a head on the first section then fold it over so your partner can’t see and pass the paper on to them to draw a torso. When you guys are all done the sections, unfold the paper and marvel at the alien creature you created!

8. Make Each Other Out Of Clay

As mentioned before, you can either stay at home or go to a studio that provides clay. This craft will test out your ability to create 3d objects. From a block of clay, try your best to make your partner out of it, you can even close your eyes for a greater challenge.

9. Scrabble Coasters

One of the fun crafts you can give as a present to each other, this one is simple to do if you have an old Scrabble game and some mod podge. Create a coaster with words filling it that describe your partner or maybe some inside joke words you two have. When you have made a square out of the Scrabble tiles, cover them in mod podge to get them to stick together. You can take the craft to a new level and bedazzle it.

10. Recycled Crafts

If you two are big on saving the planet, why not help get rid of things creating waste and go through your recycling to create something out of whatever you find. This one really gets you two to use your creative minds because you guys can make anything out of the materials you find.

10 Fun Crafts To Do With Your SO

These fun crafts test out your creative minds and will really get you to bond with your loved one. The majority of them can be done for zero dollars but will have you two creating something amazing together. If you’ve done any of these crafts before, comment below the challenges you had.

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