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8 Fun Colored Laundry Baskets All First Year Dorm Dwellers Need

I remember my mother harping on me that one of the most important items to have in my first college dorm room was a laundry basket. Being a know-it-all teenager at the time, I kind of just rolled my eyes and flippantly agreed. Shopping for all of my first-time college stuff wasn’t fun to me even in the slightest, and I couldn’t care less about some of the dorm essentials that I needed. Looking back now though, my mom is a true saint for getting me everything I could’ve possibly needed; I’m lucky in that aspect. I recall walking up and down the many aisles of Target and picking out the items that caught my eye the most, which were all the fun whacky-colored ones. The quicker I could pick out all of my college essentials, the quicker I could hightail it out of Target, and get back home to relax. Naturally, Target had many laundry baskets to choose from, but a lot of them seemed so boring and mundane to me, that is until I saw a pretty aqua-colored basket. Now, blue is my absolute favorite color, and I just knew that I had to have this laundry basket for my first year of dorm living. It had personality and basically said that hey, I’m a fun and likable person, but I also know how to do my own laundry. If you’re going into your first year of college, and are going to live in a dorm, here are eight totally fun laundry baskets to make doing your laundry more bearable. 

1. Cactus

I can’t be the only one who finds cacti to be a cute plant can I? Growing up in the West, I’ve seen my fair share of cacti, and always thought them to be so strong and durable. This is probably one of the only plants that I could actually keep alive; it’s pretty difficult to kill a cactus. This cute laundry basket from Amazon definitely caught my eye, and I love the various different cacti that are printed all over. Each one seems to have a personality of its own, and I do like that some of the cacti have flowers blooming from the top. I can honestly say that this laundry basket is a great choice for your first year of dorm living, as it’s fun and artsy-looking.

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2. Checkered Red

I really love the simplicity of this lovely laundry basket from Kohl’s. It’s still fun, just in a far more subtle way. The bright red coloring of this laundry basket is definitely eye-catching, and I love how they added the word laundry in all caps on the front. One of the things that I do like about this particular laundry basket is that it comes in a package of two, and also has a drawstring at the top to keep your laundry from spilling over. If you’re looking for a laundry basket that still has some personality to it, but don’t want to go completely overboard, then this one is an ideal choice. 

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3. Purple Mesh

I saw this type of laundry basket all over the place when I lived in my first dorm. I can see why they were so popular though, as they are quite practical, for being such fun and silly colors. This laundry basket from Walmart comes in a pretty purple color and features a mesh material. I really like this laundry basket because it can be easily stored when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much room due to it being collapsible. I guess the only downside to this laundry basket is that it’s completely see-through, but trust me when I say that no one in college is going to care what you have in your laundry basket; most of us are pretty aloof in that aspect. This basket is definitely an amusing and inexpensive pick. 

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4. Aqua

Here is another laundry basket that is simple in design, but still has some good personality to go along with it. I really like how this laundry basket from Amazon has a double plastic layer to create an intricate-looking pattern. Plus, with that double layer, it just makes this particular laundry basket all the more durable. Another feature that I like about this basket is the color, as I said before I’m a big fan of blue, and this aqua-colored laundry basket is no exception to that. It truly reminds me of my first college laundry basket. One thing that I do like about the all-plastic laundry baskets is it comes in real handy on move-in day; it’s the perfect thing to transport your smaller college essentials in! You’ll find it difficult to say no to this laundry basket!

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5. Flamingo

I thought this laundry basket from Walmart was an absolute riot when I first saw it. For whatever reason, I find flamingos to be completely hysterical creatures! The pattern on this laundry basket is simple and features pink flamingos all standing on one leg. It’s such an adorable basket and is nothing short of charming. Just like with all of the other laundry baskets, this one is easily portable and large so you don’t have to be running to do your laundry every couple of days. One thing that is for certain about this particular laundry basket, is that if my roommate showed up with something like this, I just know we would be good friends instantly. You really can’t go wrong with this charismatic laundry basket! 

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6. Sprinkles

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what do I mean by sprinkles on a laundry basket? Well, it looks just like how it sounds. This delectable-looking laundry basket from Amazon features multi-colored sprinkles on a bright pink background. It honestly looks like the top of a giant cupcake in my opinion. If this would’ve been an option for me eight years ago for my first experience in a dorm, I would not have hesitated in saying yes. I mean, it’s far too cute to say no to! If you really want to be known as the funniest person on your floor, then this cupcake-themed laundry basket is the way to go!

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7. Polka Dot

Naturally, I just had to include a polka dot-themed laundry basket! Polka dots are always in, so, it doesn’t surprise me that a laundry basket would come in this popular pattern. I do love the subtleness of this laundry basket, but how it’s also still considered to be fun. This laundry basket from Kohl’s features a dark navy-blue background with bright white polka dots over it. I like how the polka dots seem to look a bit distressed too; it adds a lovely dimensional look to it. Again, this is a super portable basket that is large enough to fit a majority of your clothes with no problems. How can you possibly say no to this cute polka dot laundry basket?

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8. Glitter

Alright, now don’t freak out about this laundry basket thinking that it’s going to glitter bomb your room or something! I promise that it won’t do anything of the sort. This striking-looking laundry basket from Amazon features large pieces of glitter, similar in looks to sequins, that cover the entirety of the basket. Honestly, it looks like a big glitzy disco ball, but that’s certainly not a bad thing! I love all of the different colors that the glitter takes on; it truly makes for a unique-looking laundry basket. If my roommate showed up with this exact laundry basket, I would know right off the bat that they have a definite fun and interesting personality. This is definitely a fine choice if you’re one of those who live for the blingier things in life! 

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If you’re going into your first year of dorm living, which of these laundry baskets did you like the most? Which one did you dislike the most? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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