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15 Fun College Party Themes

15 Fun College Party Themes

College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life. You should make the most of every day, experience all you can, and party harder than you ever have or ever will! Here are 15 fun college party themes that can help you do just that!

1. Toga

Everyone grab your bed sheets and get ready to construct the most intricate outfit you have ever made for a party. Twist and turn your big white sheet to cover every body part just right. After you’ve got the perfect toga down, you can decorate yourself more to look more like the Greek goddess you so desire to be. Dress up your toga with a nice gold rope belt, a headband made of leaves, and some gladiator sandals.


2. Luau

Embrace your inner Moana and get ready for this party by dressing in Hawaiian Luau apparel. This means that guests should be wearing grass skirts, coconut bras or small bandeaus, and leafy headbands. Colorful flowers are essential when considering what to wear to a luau party. Put them on your skirt, top, or headband to add a bit of decoration and a pop of color.

Guys who attend a luau party only need to wear a Hawaiian skirt and maybe a pair of flip flops, and they are good to go! 


3. Pool Party

Girls, get out your bikinis, floaties, and scuba masks because it’s time for a pool party! This is a fun yet easy theme for a party because almost everyone owns a bathing suit. It’s just a matter of whether or not you want to go the extra mile and really get into the pool party spirit!

4. Jersey 

This is just about the easiest and mostly done college-themed party there is. Almost everyone owns a sports jersey of some kind, and if you don’t, then you probably have a friend that does. Make sure the jersey is just big enough that you don’t need to wear pants because that’s the only way you should wear it.


5. ABC (Anything But Clothes) 

This themed part is exactly how it sounds. You can wear anything your heart desires, but you cannot wear clothes. You might be wondering how you can do this, but let me tell you there are multitudes of ways on how you can go about this. People in the past have been known to make outfits out of trash bags, caution tape, Victoria’s Secret bags, etc. You can get as creative as you want with this theme. Just, whatever you do, do not wear clothes. 


6. Slumber Party 

Is there anything that sounds better than wearing your pajamas to a party? I don’t think so! Feel free to get comfy! You can wear a pajama set, complete with a top, pants, slippers, and an eye mask, or instead, you can get a little sexy with it. You can wear a nightgown with a silk robe and some dainty slippers. 

7. Masquerade 

It’s simple yet effective, give your college party a masquerade theme and make the night seem a bit more fun than just a drunken night in a small cramped house. Guests can grab a cheap mask at target or even the dollar store, and this can add a fun element of surprise to the night! 


8. Space 

Make your outfit out of this world for a space-themed college party. Dress up as an alien or an astronaut and deck yourself out in metallic clothing and big, white, and clunky spacesuits. You could even dress up as a planet if you’d like! 


9. Formal 

Formal season is upon us and what a great excuse it is to throw a party. Girls love to dress up and feel beautiful for a night. A formal theme lets girls have the opportunity to dress and feel like a princess while being escorted to the party by a prince for the night. 

10. Winter Wonderland 

From earmuffs to ski masks. A winter wonderland college party theme is all the rage this winter season. Dress a ski bunny, figure skater, or snowboarder and fit right in. While dressing up is fun, this party is all about the decorations. Drink from Ice cube shot glasses and ice luges. Even enjoy some fancy frozen drinks! 


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11. 80s Workout 

Pump up the jams with this rad party theme! Slip into your neon spandex and pull on that leotard for the perfect 80s workout look. Get yourself a pair of leg warmers, place a few scrunchies on your wrist, and get ready to get your drink on! 


12. Decades 

If an 80s theme doesn’t excite you, try a decades theme instead. Party guests can choose whichever time period they prefer and get creative with it. They can break out their fit and flare jeans and tie-dye t-shirts for a 70s theme, or break out their inner girl band and dress as the spice girls! 


13. Wild West 

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls, this party theme is the one is for you! Girls, break out your daisy dukes and cowboy boots. Boys, slap on those skinny jeans and get that cowboy hat on your head! It’s time to throw down at this country hoedown!

14. Rockstar 

You may have never wanted to be a rockstar, but you probably always wanted to party like one! Put on a pair of fishnets, some leather shorts, a ripped up band tee, and tease that beautiful hair of yours because, in order to feel the part, you’ve got to look the part first! 


15. Ugly Sweater 

This is the perfect party theme to get everyone into the Christmas Spirit! It’s a party theme that has been around for ages and continues to live on just because of it’s fun and timeless nature. Buy yourself the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find and have some holly fun! 


Do you know any other fun college party themes? Comment below and share them with us!

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