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10 Fun Card Games For A Night In With Friends

10 Fun Card Games For A Night In With Friends


Grab a deck and play some fun card games when you’re having a night in with some friends. There are many games out there of varying difficulty and such so you can easily find some card games that everyone can play and enjoy! Most are easy to learn and can be played almost anywhere as long as you have a table and chairs or hey maybe you want to play on the ground that works too! Here are 10 fun card games for a night in with perfects!

1. Palace

Palace makes for a good choice for your card games when hanging with some friends. It’s best placed with two to five players! It’s got pretty simple rules so anyone can pick it up fast for a fun game. First, you’ll start out by drawing to see who goes first. That person who wins will be the dealer then the order will descend based on who has the highest cards. If you have up to five players then it can be necessary for some card games that you use two decks of cards. For this game, if you have four or more people you’ll probably run out of cards really fast so I’d recommend two decks.

Each player receives three cards upside down, no one should look at them. Then deal six cards in a row “above” the previous three cards, also upside down. The players can look at these cards but not the first three cards they received. Choose and place three cards face-up on the three face-down (unseen) cards. Typically you should choose higher cards for this. Essentially, the game is based on playing cards in ascending order so you either play the equal or higher card to the card before. Ace is the highest card and three is the lowest, with two being a special card that resets the deck. The first player to run out of cards wins! Here’s the Wikihow for how to play for more information!

2. Hearts

Some card games are fairly dependent on the number of players. Hearts is a game ideally played with four players. First, you’ll start by dealing the deck so each player gets 13 cards. Each player plays one card per hand (turn) and as you go around you need to play the same suit as the card before. If you can’t play the same suit you can then play any other card. The rules get slightly more complicated after that so check out this how-to guide website. The game is scored similarly to golf where you want to be the player with the lowest score in order to win! 

10 Fun Card Games For A Night In With Friends

3. Crazy Eights

If you want easy card games to play with your friends then you can play Crazy Eights fast and easily with anyone! You can play it with up to seven people but can be better with more like two players. Essentially, you’ll get a hand of five or seven cards (depending on the number of players) and will take turns playing cards that match the previous card either by number or suit. If you can’t play a card then you draw a new one. “Eight” cards are wild so you can play them at any time!

4. Spoons

Some card games require a few extra supplies in order to play, such as Spoons (shockingly) requiring some spoons. The idea of this game is for players to take turns trying to get four-of-a-kind. Once someone does then everyone rushes to try and grab a spoon, which are all placed in a small circle in the middle of the table. Whoever doesn’t get a spoon then takes a letter in spelling out SPOON. Once you spell out the word then you’re out, keep playing until the last player is standing! Great for card games then are a little more active and competitive!

5. President

Presidents is one of the slightly more confusing card games which requires a minimum of four people and a max of seven. Aces are high cards and 3’s are low in a type of game known as one of the “trick-taking” card games. The goal is to the first one to get rid of your cards. After the beginner card is played (three of clubs) then it goes clockwise from the dealer and you try to beat or “outrank” the card previously played. Pairs outrank singles, 3-of-a-kind outranks pairs, etc. If someone plays a two then the pile is eliminated and that player starts a new pile.

Whoever wins the first hand becomes the president and whoever was last to get rid of their cards is the “beggar.” You may have also heard it where they’re called the a**hole. At the beginning of the next round, the President is allowed to see the Beggars hand then take one of their cards and replace it was a *likely unhelpful card. Here’s a more detailed guide if you’re still confused on how to play! If you want card games that just might break up some friendships then try out President!

6. BS

BS is a great choice for card games with your friends that relies on bluffing! The starting player puts down the ace of spaces facedown on their first hand. Each turn you’re supposed to play the “next” card so if the last card was a five, then when it’s your turn you play a six. You can play as many sixes as you have, but if you don’t have any sixes then you can’t exactly skip. So you’re supposed to bluff, or BS, how many sixes you’re “playing.” You might put down two cards that are a five and eight, but you’ll bluff to say they’re two sixes. If someone catches you and shouts “BS” before the next person goes then you have to take all the cards in the middle. But if no one shouts anything you get away with it. If someone calls BS and the cards were in fact true, then that player who called BS wrong has to take the whole pile! It’s a really fun game that lasts longer than you think.

10 Fun Card Games For A Night In With Friends

7. King’s Cup

King’s Cup might be one of the easiest drinking card games to learn and play because it doesn’t really require much speed (for the most part). That means each turn can be taken slowly and likely it will be because no matter how many times you play it’s always tough to remember what each distinct card means. Everyone pulls a card when it’s their turn, if they pull a 2 for example, that means “you” so that person who pulled the card must choose someone to drink. This is a card games website that gives a detailed explanation of the rules and cards!

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8. Give & Take

If you want drinking card games then you’ve also come to the right place. Give & Take is an easy game to learn that results in a really fun time and a fairly extensive consumption of alcohol. This game imitates truth or dare by having turns where players get options between truth, dare, or drinking. Here’s a detailed explanation of how Give & Take should be set up and played!

9. Ride The Bus

Ride the bus is a really fun choice for card games especially if you’ve exhausted all the other classics. If you’ve never played or have lots of players who don’t know the game it can seem really difficult but once you get going it’s pretty straightforward and fun! Plus it makes for an easy choice when wanting really fun and interactive drinking card games to play when you’re with friends. Here’s a website to show the rules and setting up the game and everything!

10. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is different than other card games on here because you’ll actually need specific cards. If you ever played Apples to Apples when you were a kid then this is a hilarious and much more crude version of that. Some of the cards are unbelievable how messed up they are, but that’s a big part of the fun. Grab it off Amazon or something and get ready to laugh your asses off.

10 Fun Card Games For A Night In With Friends

What are your favorite card games to play during a night in with friends? Share them in the comments!

Featured Image source: Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash
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