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Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

Dallas has always had a strong bar scene and it’s only getting stronger. Places like Deep Ellum and Greenville Ave have been the hot spot for barflies for years. With more and more bars popping up, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Well, you’re in luck, here are a few fun bars in Dallas that are worth a visit.

1. Single Wide

Single Wide is a cool dive bar located off legendary Greenville Ave. It is a small bar that packs a big punch. It is a long, narrow venue with dim lights and a small smoking patio outside. It has an artistic vibe to it with alternative art and memorabilia covering the walls. The bar also has a bit of a trailer trash aesthetic (in a good way) since the name of the bar is named after a type of trailer. The music also helps the artistic vibe since it usually consists of 70s/80s punk rock and other underground music genres.

They have many specialty drinks including a frozen cocktail made with yoo-hoo. They also have a great happy hour and drink specials making it a great place to have fun without breaking the bank. Single Wide is very popular among the art and music crowd. It is not uncommon to run into local bands and artists when you visit. It is a great place to grab a beer and relax after a long day’s work.

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

2. Wits End

Wits End music venue/bar located in Deep Ellum. It is a very large venue with a bar and stage in the main room, a small arcade and pool area inside the side room, and a big upstairs patio with another bar and occasionally a DJ. It plays all kinds of music including death metal, rap, classic rock, and EDM making it fun no matter what you’re into.

Deep Ellum has always had a thriving music scene and Wits End helps keep it alive. Sometimes there will be a hardcore band playing on the mainstage while a rap group is performing upstairs. This wide variety of music attracts all kinds of folks so there is a great mix of people from all walks of life. The bar is also very welcoming so you never feel out of place like you would at some of the other music venues in the area. Wits End is definitely worth checking out if you are a music fan or just looking for a good time.

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

3. Sherlock’s

This old school British style pub is actually 2 bars in 1. Located in the North Dallas neighborhood of Addison, Sherlock’s consist of a classic British pub house in one building and a dance hall/club with live bands and DJs connected to it. This makes this place a great place to go no matter what mood you are in. If you want to just wind down with a beer and play some darts with a friend you can go to the pub area and if you want to dance the night away while drinking urban cocktails, you can go to the dance hall area.

The pub area of Sherlock’s serves amazing food as well. They have a full restaurant menu with both American and British dishes. Sherlocks also have signature cocktails in both the pub and dance hall. The staff is very professional as well, making your experience that much better. If you are in the Addison area and want to have a great night out with friends, Sherlocks is an all in one bar you can’t go wrong with.

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

4. Old Crow

The Old Crow is another great bar off Greenville Avenue. It is a relatively large bar with a small stage, 2 pool tables, dartboard, and a few video games. During the afternoon and early evening, you can find an older crowd watching sports and just hanging out, but once night hits, you will find more young adults drinking the stresses of college away. The Old Crow is very popular with the college crowd since SMU is only a few blocks away. It also hosts events such as karaoke night and live DJ performances.

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The Old Crow has a vast number of beers on tap and a good selection of specialty drinks as well. The bar does a good job of rotating craft beers so there is always something new to try. They also have $1 dollar jello shots which is fun to enjoy with a group of friends. The Old Crow is a great bar that appeals to all ages (21 and up of course) so next time you have a night on the town, keep The Old Crow in mind.

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

5. Lakewood Landing

The Lakewood Landing is a hidden gem located in the East Dallas neighborhood of Lakewood. It has been around for quite a while and is now getting the recognition it deserves. It is a small dive bar that has a very homie vibe to it. Its wooden walls are filled with old-timey photos and memorabilia giving it somewhat of an old 1950s bar feel. What is interesting though is the bar doesn’t feel old at all. Even though it has older décor and has been around for a while, it still holds on to a young aesthetic somehow. This might sound confusing but after visiting the Lakewood Landing, you will understand.

The bar consists of a pool table, an award-winning jukebox, a smoking patio, and a dining area. Lakewood Landing also severs amazing food even during late night hours. The menu has a variety of bar food favorites that are a notch above most others. It also caters to both the young adult and older crowd as well, so it is a good place to go if you are tired of average college-age bars. If you ever want to go off the beaten path and try something new, Lakewood Landing is the place to go.

Fun Bars To Visit In Dallas

There are tons of great bars in the Dallas metroplex. These are just some of the many bars worth your time and money. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments below.

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