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10 Fun And Romantic Ideas To Try For Your Next Date

10 Fun And Romantic Ideas To Try For Your Next Date

While we all love it, the cliché dinner and movie can get a bit old and monotonous at times – especially when you’ve fallen under the trap of resorting to it every. single. time. Whether it’s your first date together, or your 100th, we’ve got 10 simple and fun ideas to liven up your quality time together and have you yearning for more! 

1. Cooking Together

Okay, so I said we were steering away from cliché dinner dates, but it’s the actual cooking that will have you two bonding far more than if you were just slouching at a table. Flick through some recipes that none of you have ever tried to make before and get going! It’ll have you laughing together alongside figuring out how you two work best as a team. 

This idea can also be incredibly romantic: set a table, light a candle, play some music and pour the wine! While I’ve advertised this as a couples activity, you could always try solo-cooking as a special treat for your partner – sometimes it’s thoughtful gestures like these that really win over their heart.


2. Take a Long Hike

Breathe in some fresh air and retreat to nature with a long, explorative walk together. Something as simple and priceless (literally) as this is too often overlooked, but it’s actually a perfect opportunity to bond. Ditch the technology (unless you’re severely lost and need directions) and enjoy each other’s company and only their company. Even if you’ve been together years, you’ll end up learning more about your partner through the unlimited flowing conversation.

Take the time to really indulge in some beautiful sights: take a well-deserved picnic with you to enjoy on the top of a scenic hill that took some real will-power to get up. Maybe even take a few days out to hike some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK such as the Lake District and Pennines. 


3. ‘His and Hers’ Hobby Exchange

Naturally, you two are going to have your own individual hobbies and interests. While it’s never a requirement for you to share absolutely everything together (in fact, it’s kind of healthy to be independent in some areas), it’ll still serve as a bonding and eye-opening experience to do your favourite hobby together just the once. 


Whether it’s attending a football match or watching a film your other half adores; going dancing or seeing an artist in concert that your partner is crazy about, it’s about the interest and support that you’re showing towards each other. Watching your partner become so invested in their activity is always heart-warming, and they’ll love you all the more for joining them in it!

4. Start a Completely New Hobby Together

This would take the form of attending a class with each other. It could be for anything at all: cooking, dancing, gym, yoga, theatre, etc. and it doesn’t need to be something either of you is truly serious about – it could serve purely as an entertaining and hilarious evening. Who knows? It could end up uncovering some inner passion of yours!


5. Movie Marathon

Alright, I know I also said that we’d be steering away from cliché movie dates, but I was kind of thinking about the cinema-type cliché. There are a multitude of reasons why home movie marathons can be far better than the cinema: comfier seats, easier access for cuddling, ability to talk with each other, better movies, and all the takeaway and snacking space you can wish for. Oh, and it won’t cost you the world!


6. Ice Skating

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship looking to try something completely new together, or it’s your first date and you want something exciting to break the ice (I had to include the pun!). You could end up exhibiting romantically gorgeous skating routines like the next Torvill and Dean, or, more realistically, it’ll be a great laugh and you’ll be role-playing each other’s hero when you catch your partner from falling. 

Seeing as we’re currently entering the colder seasons, it’s also very fitting! Try an outdoor rink for a more atmospheric experience and round it off by cosying up with a hot drink in a cute cafe somewhere. 


7. Camp Outside Together

Try reconnecting with the outdoor world (and with each other) by stripping right back to basics and setting up a tent to camp out in. It could be somewhere as simple as your back garden and it’ll still make really unique quality time together. For starters, if you two can successfully set up the tent (breakdown or no breakdown), it’s a certain sign that you’re compatible. 

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Due to the lack of technology involved, you’ll end up sharing amazingly deep conversations together and generally enjoy the simple things in your relationship. Plus, if it’s a clear night, gazing at the stars will add an extra romantic ambiance to the evening.  


8. Pamper Evening

This really isn’t an activity confined to the girls; it makes a wonderful yet romantic date idea to connect as a couple. Light some candles, set a relaxing atmosphere, run a warm bath containing some calming oils, and just let the water soak up any stresses built throughout the day. Use the time to wash each other and generally make each other feel cared for. You could even try massaging each other afterward – exploring each other’s bodies really isn’t just done through sexual activity!

9. Go Dancing Together

Nope, I’m not talking about drunkenly crawling into your nearest nightclub – I’m thinking more salsa classes. It sounds cliché (and I know, I promised this article wasn’t going to be!), but sometimes learning how to move in-sync together may likewise render your relationship being more in-sync itself. If nothing else, it’ll be a light-hearted and romantic activity to try out before you head back to watch a seriously needed re-run of Dirty Dancing


10. Play Some Old-School Board Games

Have a technology-free evening and go right back in time to some old, nostalgic gold! If you don’t actually own any board games, charity shops and amazon will sell some for ridiculously cheap prices. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who, Puzzles, Jenga, or a dozen of the many other gems that you decide to play together, you’ll find your evening just flies away! So grab some drinks and snacks, and do try not to get too competitive with each other.  


We hope we’ve managed to inspire a really exciting and romantic date night ahead for you! What’s your favourite activity to do as a couple? Comment them down below!

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