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10 Fun And Free Things To Do In Los Angeles

10 Fun And Free Things To Do In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are so many things you can do. With so many places to check out like Brentwood, Santa Monica and Venice, you can walk all around and discover so many free things to do in Los Angeles!

Love walking? Here are ten free things to do in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has beautiful weather most of the year, so walking is a must to enjoy what the city has to offer. Los Angeles covers of course, Los Angeles, but also notorious places like Hollywood, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Venice. So get out your walking shoes, put on some sunscreen and get some exercise while enjoying the City of Angels.

1. Head over to Hollywood Boulevard to walk the entire Hollywood Walk of Fame which is from La Brea to Vine.

There are street characters by the Chinese Theater. Find your favorite and have a photo taken. Browse around the concrete hand impressions while reminiscing the celebrities’ film contributions. There are stars on the sidewalk all the way up an down both sides of the street with names of celebrities. There are also stars without any names. Bring gold letters to form your own name on the star. Take a selfie because you’re a star too!


Tip: If you choose to drive there, parking in the residential area is your best bet. It’s
free but make sure you read posted parking signs. The City of Los Angeles is notorious for
promptly issuing a ticket to the parking violator.

2. Stay in the area as the world famous Runyon Canyon is nearby.

Entrance to this trail is on North Fuller. This hiking trail is where friends walk together, people walk their dogs and even Angelenos make their business deals here. Bring your selfie stick, at the top of this trail you can take a breathtaking photo of yourself with downtown Los Angeles in the background.

Tip: At the base of Runyon Canyon there are free yoga classes in the morning so bring
your yoga matt and join in.


3. Drop down La Brea until you get to 6th Street.

Head to museum row. There’s free street parking nearby. The La Brea Tar Pits are exciting to see as the tar has been bubbling for tens of thousands of years luring animals to their death. Excavations are set up around the property for continuous unearthing of mammal bones. Signs are posted around explaining the history of the tar pits and the scientific discoveries.

Tip: There is so much to see here. Bring your external charger so you can capture what
interests you on your electronic recording device.

4. Griffith Observatory is one of the more stunning landmarks of Los Angeles.

The grounds and building are free to visit. Once a month the observatory hosts a star party where telescopes are available for the public to use. The observatories website posts the dates for the star parties.


Tip: if you can walk uphill for a mile, you can park for free in one of the designated
parking lots.

5. Head over to Brentwood to see Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon.

From Sunset Boulevard turn on Capri Drive and follow it up to Sullivan Fire Road. Park in the residential area. Here you will find an abandoned ranch built in the early 1930’s. It has quite a bit of history as it is rumored to be an abandoned Nazi camp in the making. There is a graffiti covered concrete house and over 500 stairs to get to it, along with abandoned, rusted water tanks and a power station. This is well worth the walk to get there.


Tip: Bring water. It gets hot.

6. Love to people watch?

The 3rd Street Promenade is perpetually crowded with locals and tourists. There’s street performers, some worthy of being in a circus, others are just entertaining. The promenade extends from Colorado Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard.


Tip: Park for free in one of the many parking structures surrounding the promenade for
ninety minutes. Want to stay longer? Head to residential but be sure to read the signs.

7. The Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier is the backdrop of many films based in Los

Be sure to bring your selfie stick to take a photo of yourself at the very end of the
pier. Once in a while, a wild seal can be spotted partaking from the free fish thrown to him by locals fishing off the pier.

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Tip: You can walk from the third street Promenade to the pier.

8. Feel like a challenge?

On the south side of the Santa Monica Pier is the Original Muscle Beach. No need for you to be a body builder to enjoy this playground for adults. There are traditional swings to enjoy but I am going to challenge you to go do the Ariel rings. Feel like recreating a moment from high school gym? Go over to the rope and see if you can still climb
it. Be sure to record yourself doing these things as you will be laughing with joy.

muscle beach swag GIF by Rebel 11 Pictures


Tip: On the weekends there are a lot of people who want to get on the rings. Get in line
and don’t worry about what everyone thinks, just have fun.

9. Venice Beach is within walking distance of the Santa Monica pier.

Get on the boardwalk and start walking south. If you own roller skates or a skate board bring it with you as the boardwalk is designed for biking, walking and skating. There are a plethora of characters to see on your way to Venice Beach. You will know when you arrive as the boardwalk transforms into business and people selling their hand made items. Nearby is a free skate park to either watch or participate.

Tip: Watch out for pick pocketers.


10. At the end of Culver Boulevard , you will run into Playa Del Ray Beach.

The whole area has plenty of free street parking. Walk out to the boardwalk then go north. Follow the boardwalk out to Ballona Creek. There you can find a place to sit either on a bench or on the rocks, as you watch all the boats come in and out of Marina Del Rey. It’s a very busy marina for you to challenge your knowledge of ships and boats.

Tip: There are a few vendors that sell small snacks and drinks if you choose to stay a

There’s no shortage of fun and free things to do in Los Angeles. Tell me what was your favorite!

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