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Fun And Affordable Ways To Decorate Your College Dorm

One of the many things I was looking forward to doing my freshman year of college was decorating my dorm room. I constantly looked up different ideas and theme inspirations, various decorations that I could purchase and from where, color schemes, wall art, the whole nine yards. It basically felt like I was decorating my own room and space all over again, which is essentially what you’re going to be doing if you’re living in a classic college dorm room. 

Regardless of whether or not you’re close or far from home, you might start to feel a little homesick. Not even homesick, but like you’re living in some random uncomfortable space that you’re not excited to come back to after a long day of class. That should never be the case! Your dorm room should be a safe space for you (and your roomie if you have one) to relax and wind down in. 

String Lights

Now these you can find just about anywhere. (At great prices too!)

String lights are great alternatives to using the actual lighting that comes in some college dorm rooms. My roommate and I were never a fan of the harsh lighting the main light in our room gave off, so we ended up bringing and using our own string lights to hang up and use for when we wanted that cool dim look. If you want to get really creative with it, you can buy string lights that are colorful or have a certain shape like stars or hearts. Although I’m not staying in a dorm this year, my apartment is still full of string lights. There’s just something about them and the look and overall feel they can give a space. 

Places with affordable string lights include Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great because they can either add a more stylistic appeal to your room or just a simple pop of color. Either way, cute ones can be found at affordable prices if you look in the right places! At Dormify, some can be on the pricy side but for the most part the throw pillows they have to offer are all reasonable prices. One of my favorite things about the throw pillow collection they offer at Dormify is how different it is. There’s multiple different patterns, fabrics, designs. You’re bound to find something that matches perfectly with your room.


A bland wall is never any fun. I get it though. You’re in college and probably not going to have a fine piece of artwork up on your walls, but a little something might help and go a long way in terms of decorations. For example, hanging up a tapestry of some sort. If you have a certain color scheme or patterned theme going on in your room, you can find a cute tapestry to match! There’s a bunch of great tapestry options on Amazon and they’re all great prices.


Calling all the arts and crafts lovers. Another way you can decorate your room, or more especially your wall, is by hanging up cork pinboards that you can fill up with photos or even use to hang up your jewelry. The great thing about these cork pinboards is that you can decorate them yourself. If you’re not into painting or decorating, then you can just hang the mini pinboards up and cover them with your items of choice. If you are, then paint them up or create little designs on them.

Click on the photo below to find out how to make a cute set of pinboards for your college dorm room!

Wire Frame Baskets

If you’re moving far away from home, then there’s a good chance you brought a ton of stuff to college with you. And as you probably already know, space in college dorms is limited…at least for most people and wherever they’re going to school at.

Storing your things can be made cute, believe it or not. If you have a lot of floor space, you can use an ottoman, a hanging shelf in your closet, or wire frame baskets to store small stuff in. You can fill them up with hair stuff, school supplies, or clothes items. The great thing about them is that they’ll look cute and stylish no matter what goes in them! Little side note, H&M has a great one for only $9.99!

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Decorative Plants

As a college student myself, I understand how hectic the weeks can get. It can get even crazier if you’re taking extra classes and working on the side. And because you’re so busy all the time, you’re probably thinking you don’t have any time for plants because in owning one, you have to water them frequently. Let’s face it, a lot of college students are forgetful and watering a plant is probably the least of their worries. 

If you’re like me and adore plants, then consider looking into getting a succulent. Succulents are great because they’re easy to care for. Some types require more sunlight, but most enjoy it nonetheless. They prefer less frequent watering but when you do water them, make sure you completely soak the soil. You can do this once a week, just make sure that the soil is completely dry before you soak it all up again. 


Mirrors are great for decoration! You can find affordable ones from pretty much anywhere that are cute and stylish. Whether for your first year or your last, you’re going to want to take it with you. Another great thing about mirrors is how many various styles there are. You can buy mirrors in shapes, framed floor mirrors, mirrors that hang over doors, round mirrors, the whole shebang.

Check out this rustic style mirror from Urban Outfitters. It’s perfect for any space, regardless of the theme or color, and easy to hang up! 

Which one of these decorative dorm ideas was your favorite?

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