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Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Fourth of July is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning fun activities to do on that special day. That’s why I’ve created this list of great ideas to help you figure out what you will do on Independence Day this year. Whether you’re spending it by yourself or with friends or family, these activities are perfect for you!

Pool Party

The Fourth of July lands during the hottest part of the year for most of us. That’s why it would be perfect to have a patriotic themed pool party! You can invite your friends and family and tell them to all bring along some Fourth of July snacks.

Purchase red, white, and blue decorations at your local party store to help with the Independence Day theme! You could even find red, white, and blue pool floats. This activity is great because you can come together with the ones you love while celebrating our independence and staying cool by the pool!

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Picnic At The Park

Choose to bring a picnic to the park this Fourth of July. This idea is great if you find yourself alone for this years holiday because you can bring whatever food you like and relax in nature enjoying your freedom.

You could even invite your friends and family and everyone can bring their favorite foods so you can have a big potluck together.

Sometimes when the sun sets you can even see your city putting on a firework show for everyone, so this would be a perfect dinner idea. You can enjoy your food, watch the sunset, and wait to see beautiful fireworks light up the night sky!

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Bake Fourth Of July Cupcakes

This Fourth of July idea is super fun, especially if you love to bake. Just grab your favorite cupcake mix or bake them from scratch, and add red, white, and blue frosting for a patriotic touch. You can do this by yourself, or invite friends and family to bake with you!

This is a super fun and tasty idea for the Fourth of July this year. You can even bring the cupcakes you make to go watch fireworks with family and/or friends and share your patriotic treats with them.

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July


Whether you live out in the country where you’re allowed to set off fireworks, or you’re just going to watch them from a place that your city is showing them, seeing fireworks is the perfect thing to do on Fourth of July.

If you live out in the country, you can find a little shop that sells fireworks that are safe to set off where you live. Be sure to ask the people at the store and read about the proper safety measures you will need to take to ensure you have a fun and safe time with your fireworks!

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Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

BBQ/Cookout With Friends And/Or Family

Invite your friends and family over for a fun cookout this Fourth of July. Click here to read my article on some tasty Independence Day treats you can serve at your cookout this year! This is a great activity to bring family and friends together on this special day.

If you live out in the country and your city allows you to set off fireworks (it’s not too dry outside), then when the sun goes down you can all set off fireworks together!

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Attend A Fourth Of July Parade

Many cities will have a Fourth of July parade every year. You can go and watch this with your friends and/or family, or even plan ahead and find out how you can be apart of the patriotic parade! These parades usually happen in the morning, so it’s a great way to start off the holiday.

Fun Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Whether you’re staying cool at the pool or walking in a parade, we’ve got you covered with super fun ideas to do this Fourth of July. Let us know what you choose in the comments below!

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