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10 Fullfulling Jobs To Consider If You Love Working With Children

10 Fullfulling Jobs To Consider If You Love Working With Children

Working with children can be an adventure. They can be straight up goons but still teach so much about life. Not to mention, the amount of energy they possess can also rub off on you! While standard teaching jobs are incredible professions and I have great respect for those people, there are other ways of working with children! If you are considering a job with children because you can’t get enough of them no matter how much you try, check these professions out! If you are interested, click on the picture or link to learn more about the field, pay and education needed for that specific job!

1. Occupational Therapy Assistant

These people support occupational therapists in helping people with disabilities, illnesses or injuries to help people perform activities of daily living (ADLs). These activities are very important because they are tasks people must perform in order to achieve independence in their lives! As an OTA, people carry out the treatment plans that are made by the OT. So in this job you are able to work one on one with clients/patients. As an OTA for children, you would be helping them develop motor skills so they are able to perform their daily living activities. These jobs can include facilitating different types of movement games for kids which will be fun for both of you!

2. Museum Educator

Have you ever been super passionate about something and wanted to share the joy you experience with others?! Well, that is what museum educators do! Museum education is a specialized field where people strengthen education in non-formalized education settings! They take education and make it their mission to make it fun. There are many different types of settings to work in such as art, science or history. You could bring these subjects to life for groups of children so they are able to engage in various activities. This sparks their curiosity and gets their gears turning. You would be the reason that is happening, and I believe one of the greatest joys is watching children learn something new and getting excited about it.


3. Art Therapist 

Art therapy is when people use creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring and other art fart things in order to express themselves artistically and to explore their emotions. Art is SO therapeutic. It can help relax a person and help them work through emotions, this is especially true with children and adolescents. An art therapist helps decode the symbols and nonverbal message these art pieces their clients make so they are able to understand how they are feeling and how to help them. They work in hella different settings including private counseling, hospitals, and wellness centers just to name a few. Getting creative and helping people at the same damn time? It sounds like a good gig to me.

10 Fulfilling Jobs To Consider If You Love Working With Children

4. Recreation Program Coordinator

Kids need stimulation outside of school, that is where recreation programming comes in! Being a part of after school program can be so much fun, you are able to combine education with entertainment! You can work at an after school program where you can facilitate different activities for kids across different subjects such as science or art or you can help them get physical with sports and dance.  It is a very collaborative profession because you are working with other people who want what is best for the kids. It is a great way to connect with the community and help children connect with their community as well. You can help children in the activities that interest them. It is very hands-on and you learn many useful skills such as communication, collaboration, and facilitation.


5. Tutor

Remember how much was going on in elementary, middle and high school?! There was no way we could learn all of that information on a subject and retain it all! We all need a little extra help sometimes, and that is where tutours come in. Being a tutor for kids is awesome because you are able to help them understand the material better. You help them to develop their confidence ability to succeed academically. It is more than just helping students with their homework, it includes developing study/learning strategies to help them remember their information. These strategies will help them later in life throughout school and beyond.
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6. Private Nanny

Being a nanny is more than just babysitting someone else’s kids for an extended period of time. You are providing quality interaction and connection time young children need during their first stage of development. Not to mention you are helping out the parents ensuring their children are safe. And you are getting paid to do that! There are plenty of opportunities to engage children in fun activities while caring for them as well. You can sign up to find a nannying job through personal connections or signing up for to find the best nannying jobs in your area.

7. Early Childhood Care Educator

If you have a passion for working with young tykes (such as preschool age) this could totally be your jam. These educators work in daycare settings. They receive a curriculum from the institution that they work so they do not have to make up anything. The curriculum is usually very engaging and educational so that educators can prepare young kids for kindergarten and beyond. Days are not dull at this type of job for sure. It is a fast-paced job. It is an excellent way to engage and connect with children every day.


10 fulfilling jobs to consider if you love working with children

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8. Pediatric Registered Nurse

Mad respect for people in this field, as a cut still causes me to get super queasy. Pediatric registered nurses focus on the medical needs of infants, children, and adolescents. They are also trained to emotional support the parents through their children’s treatment. These champions of health are able to help younger ones become healthier. You could be the person that helps children not be scared of going to the doctor anymore!


9. Infant Massage Therapist

I did not even know this career existed before researching for this article! So infant massage therapy’s goal is to nurture through touch and communication. Even at our earliest days of life, touch is key to developing a bond with an infant because humans crave contact comfort. Their goal is to empower parents and promote nurturing through parent-baby responsiveness and communication. Super good stuff! Infant massage therapist are usually employed by hospitals, private centers, support centers or family spas.

10 Fulfilling Jobs To Consider If You Love Working With Children

10. Child and Family Social Worker

Child and family social worker’s work is centered on ensuring that the wellbeing of the child is the top priority. I know a lot of times when we think about this profession we think about DCFS taking children out of homes, but that is only a small fraction of cases this profession handles. They want to ensure families stay together and receive the proper resources they may need. Because keeping families together gives the child a better chance of having a positive childhood and full development. In addition to working directly with families, they can also be employed in a non-for profit or after school program that works directly with children in settings familiar to the child. This allows for better one-on-one interactions and chances to form connections with them and the families as well. Good stuff.


Whether you are still in college or a seasoned player in the job game, I hope these jobs got your gears a turning about what job you would like to have to work with children. Get out there, imagination and adventures await working with these little humans.