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FSU Football Game Day Essentials

FSU Football Game Day Essentials

*Cue the Florida State University war chant* It is that time of year again folks! Seminole football is officially back and we could not be more excited. In order to cheer on our team, we must be just as prepared as the players. Here are a few essential items to keep handy so that you can enjoy game days at Doak Campbell Stadium and Heritage Grove as much as possible.

1. A clear bag for all your goodies

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring our everyday purses to the stadium for safety reasons so remember to bring a clear purse or bag. Think of it as a blessing in disguise. What if something were to happen to your favorite Michael Kors handbag?! Clear Seminole football bags are available for purchase at the Florida State University Bookstore.

2. Water bottle for the Uber drive

Even though chugging a cold bottle of water will be the last thing on your mind after you have just chugged six hard seltzers, the Uber ride is the perfect time to get in that extra hydration. It can be pretty easy to forget about drinking water throughout the exciting day so remember to sneak in as many sips as possible. Trust me, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are about to faint in the middle of the stands.


3. Travel size sunscreen

You have just spent all morning applying makeup to get those cute #gameday pics and the last thing you want to do is to put on another layer of sunscreen but it is an absolute must! Especially with Doak, there is a huge possibility you will be standing in the sun. Be proactive in fighting off sunburn and feeling cooler with a travel-size sunscreen. I highly recommend Neutrogena Ultra Sheer because it is small and extremely effective.

4. A couple sheets of toilet paper

How many times have you waited in a ridiculously long line to get into a disgusting bathroom only to find that there is no more toilet paper left? Play it safe with a few sheets of Charmin Ultra Soft from home. Not only will you always be prepared, but it will also feel so much better than that 1-ply paper.

5. Cash money

Game days will sneak up on you differently than other typical outings because of the long length and hot weather. First, you have to tailgate, then you have to sit or stand outside in sweltering weather, then you are going to want your concessions, and then after that long game, you and your buddies are going to want to go out to eat. Plan ahead by bringing cash so that you do not overspend your budget.


6. Blotting sheets

There is only so much these sheets can do when you are standing outside in 90 degrees but they are definitely a good pick-me-up when your face is drenched. Don’t worry about using as many sheets as possible just use a few in your most critical sweating moments (like before pictures or when you see your crush approaching).

7. Handheld fan

Because these are much more effective than waving your hand back and forth. Again, the student section at Doak is usually in direct sunlight for daytime games so you can bet on it being a very long, hot day. Enjoy Seminole football as much as possible by caring for yourself first.

8. Sunglasses

Game days get pretty intense so always bet on something unfortunate happening to your possessions. I recommend leaving those expensive Raybans at home and opting for a cheaper pair that you wouldn’t mind losing or breaking.


9. Hair ties

If you can make it through an entire game without putting your hair up, you are a goddess and please teach me your ways. A few great up-do’s to keep in mind for staying fresh include pigtails, ponytails, messy buns, and braids. It is also a good idea to bring an extra hair tie for your friend who didn’t bring their own and insists that they are “fine.”

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10. A hat

A hat will help you feel a million times cooler by covering your face and protecting your skin. You will be able to enjoy yourself much more when the sun is blocked and you can actually see the game. You can sport a Seminole Football cap or fashionista floppy hat.


11. Comfy shoes

Please please please do not wear your favorite shoes unless you want them to get stepped on or drenched from a bass-drop-beer-mist at the tailgates. Game days call for a lot of walking and a lot of liquid-spilling so tie on your go-to sneakers and leave those Tory Burch sandals for happy hour. If you want a nice pair of shoes for pictures, make arrangements for switching shoes before the actual game.

12. Portable phone charger

You will be on your phone a lot during game days whether you are trying to meet up with friends, take pictures, look at social media, etc., so expect your battery to die fast. However, be prepared with your portable charger so that you can always have a charged phone for both, social and safety purposes.

13. School spirit

Lastly, one of the most important things to bring to a game is your school spirit! Win or lose, we are proud to be Florida State Seminoles. Come to the game decked out in your favorite garnet and gold gear, ready to (loudly) cheer on our impeccable athletes! Thank you Seminole Football!


Game days are extremely fun as long as they are celebrated correctly and safely. You should always stay with a trusted friend, stay hydrated, have a charged phone, and know when to call it a day. Most problems arise when somebody insists on staying at the game when they have had too much to drink or are too dehydrated. Remember to take breaks of going in and out of the sun at the game. I know it is hard to find a moment in between the exciting plays to leave but trust me, consistently going in the shade and drinking water will have you stay more alert throughout the whole game as opposed to getting sick before halftime. Above all, stay safe and have fun! Go Seminole football!

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