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15 Fruit-Infused Water Ideas To Try Out Instead Of Juice

Juice is great, but if you are trying to choose a healthier drink or cut back on your sugar intakes, then it becomes not so great of an option. Fortunately, fruit-infused water is the next best replacement to juice, and with the addition of fruits, it practically tastes just as sweet! These 15 recipes are also not only tasty replacements, but they are packed with nutritional benefits and detox bonuses to keep you satisfied, hydrated, and healthy!

1. Watermelon And Strawberry

This combo is sweet, yet light and definitely refreshing. Watermelons and strawberries are both high in antioxidants, and strawberries are also natural immune boosters, making this drink not only perfect for summer but also perfect for the cold season! Just add your chopped-up ingredients and let the juices infuse for about 3o minutes, before adding ice and enjoying! If you make a large pitcher, you can keep this mixture for 2-3 days before the fruit should be swapped out.

2. Strawberry And Lime

Strawberry and lime provide a complimenting sweet and slightly bitter drink, but one that is less bitter than pure lemon water. In addition to the antioxidant strawberries, the lime adds the benefit of aiding with digestion and is a natural detoxifier, much like lemon. So, if you aren’t big on the sour lemon taste, try this drink instead! If you want extra flavour, add some mint leaves to the mix, but don’t add too many because unlike fruit, herbs infuse much stronger. This can keep for 1-2 days because berries break down faster.

3. Apple, Orange, Cinnamon, And Clove

If you love hot apple cider around Christmas time, then you will definitely want to add this fruit-infused water recipe to your list. It combines all the flavour of apple cider but in an iced form that is refreshing and the perfect way to still enjoy during the summer. The apples and orange provide the sweetness to the drink, while the orange also brings its share of healthy vitamin C. Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease, while the clove is one of those herbs that just helps everything! This can keep for 2-3 days in the fridge!

4. Orange, Blueberry, And Mint

If you are looking for a major antioxidant boost, then blueberries are considered to be one of the healthiest berries out there. They are chocked full of antioxidants and healthy nutrients and infused in water, provide a subtly sweet and refreshing taste. You can mash them to really infuse the flavour, or just add them in as is. With the added orange for a natural sweet and vitamin C boost and a little mint for a bit more flavour, this drink is a perfect substitute for juice and is super healthy! Keep an eye on the blueberries after 1-2 days, in case they break down and you need to swap in new ingredients.

5. Cucumber, Lime, and Thyme

Cucumber water alone is a great way to flush your body of toxins, clear your skin, and stay hydrated. It’s a lot like lemon water, just without the sour bite. The taste of just plain cucumber water can become boring after a while though, so this recipe helps adds some new interesting flavours. Paired with the cucumber, the lime doesn’t dominate with bitter but just adds a soothing cool taste. The thyme is a nice change from mint, and it blends easily into the other flavours providing a subtle background taste. This can keep for 2-3 days in the fridge!

6. Lemon And Ginger

Similar to our upgraded cucumber water recipe, this recipe keeps all the benefits of lemon water but adds some ginger to the mix to help balance out the sour taste. This is a great way to still drink lemon water if you don’t like it straight, or, if you don’t mind sour, then this just adds a new touch of flavour. Plus, if you ever find yourself waking up ever feeling nauseous in the morning, ginger is a natural remedy that can help ease the feeling. The lemon will provide the natural detoxification, reduce bloating, and helps your body retain water so you’ll stay hydrated longer! As long as you store your lemon and ginger water in the fridge, this will keep for three days.

7. Lemon And Raspberry

Just think of raspberry lemonade without all the sugar, which is what this fruit-infused water tastes like! It’s light, refreshing, and the raspberries help balance the lemon out into a refreshing drink. Raspberries are also natural sources of antioxidants and can provide healthy overall benefits! Just add ice for an extra chill and this mixture will last for 2-3 days in the fridge, but keep an eye on the raspberries in case they break down faster.

8. Cranberry And Orange

Cranberries and oranges are perfect fall drink ingredients, and when combined together, this drink makes an effective system detox. Plus, cranberries are loaded with anti-inflammatory aspects, aid in digestion and overall health, while the oranges provide all the vitamin C. Normally cranberries are tart and need loads of sugar, but when paired with the sweetness of the oranges, the two balance each other out into a nutritious and tasty drink!

9.  Apricot, Raspberry, And Mint

This recipe is great if you want sweeter fruit-infused water, but one that is still refreshing. The apricots and raspberries provide the sweet boost to the water, while the touch of mint provides the cooling taste. This combination is great when you just want to put something together quickly and enjoy while you work or simply relax. This can keep for 1-2 days in the fridge.

10. Mango And Pineapple

Two potently healthy fruits are combined into one with this recipe, and it basically tastes like a mocktail with how good it is! Mangos are loaded with essential minerals such as iron and zinc, as well as vitamin A and C, while pineapples are high in antioxidants and help with muscular health! Together, these juicy and sweet fruits are all you need to turn plain water into a delicious treat. Let it infuse for 30 minutes to really let the flavours out and then store it in the fridge for up to 2-3 days.

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11. Watermelon, Kiwi, And Lime

This recipe just sounds refreshing, which is why it’s perfect for summer and for a delicious fruit-infused water recipe. Watermelon, kiwi, and lime maintain their subtle tastes when all combined together, but still blend together to create a sweet, flavourful and refreshing combination. As usual, if you want extra flavour, add a few leaves of mint or leave as it. This can keep for 2-3 days.

12. Blackberry, Orange, And Ginger

If you want an interesting blend of flavours that takes a spin on our previous orange, blueberry, and mint recipe, this drink swaps in blackberry and ginger instead. The blackberry provides a touch of tart that is complimented with the sweet taste of orange, while the ginger adds just a touch of spice. Blackberries are also loaded with potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as vitamin A, C, and E, making this addition a major health benefit drink.

13. Lemon And Lime

We’ve mentioned the benefits of lemon and lime separately, and different combinations to change up the flavour, but why not combine these two into one? Thanks to the blend of sour and tart, it creates a very refreshing drink for those really hot summer days. If you find the taste to be too sour, you can always add in some slices of oranges to provide a balance of sweet. If you keep it as is, just think of lemon-lime lemonade without the sugar! This can keep for 2-3 days in the fridge.

14. Blueberry And Peach

Just like how our mango and pineapple water was reminiscent of a simplified mocktail, this blueberry and peach drink tastes sort of like a simplified mocktail as well! Both of these healthy fruits provide plenty of benefits. From the vitamin C and skin clearing effect of the peaches to the loaded-with-antioxidant blueberries, this is another great fruit-infused water substitute.

15. Pineapple And Mint

Sweet and juicy pineapples with cool mint? What could be a better combination to pair together for a sweet and refreshing fruit-infusion? This recipe is light to the taste, but still naturally sweet from the pineapples and is definitely a recipe to make a large pitcher. Make sure to let the two infuse for 30 minutes to really get the juice out before enjoying, and then keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days!

What do you think of these tasty fruit-infused water ideas? Have you tried any out or do you have your own favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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