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You Know You’re From The San Fernando Valley When You Relate To These Things

You Know You’re From The San Fernando Valley When You Relate To These Things

This list shows the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley! Any locals or previous locals will recognize these!

The San Fernando Valley is a small section of the bigger and more notorious Los Angeles area.  It is a place where the summers are hot and dry, especially right now. The winter’s are cold, sometimes freezing and there is always a traffic jam somewhere. If any of these things sound familiar, then chances are you are from here. But if you are still doubting your current location, then take a look at this list that screams, “You Know You’re From The San Fernando Valley When…”

1.Almost all of your friend dates are brunch dates!

Something that becomes blatantly obvious as you grow older in the San Fernando Valley is that brunch dates are increasingly popular! More and more cafes’, breakfast spots,  and diners seem to be popping up everywhere you turn. And if you are down with what’s hip, you and your friends have probably already tried all of  the new spots together because you know what they say: Friends that brunch together, stay together! This is one of the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley!


2.There are In-N-Outs everywhere!

In-N-Out is to the Valley, what Starbucks is to Seattle! There is one on every corner! Or at least it feels that way.  Being that the burger franchise was until recently (Thanks Vegas!) exclusive to California, residents of the Valley take great pride in that fact. If you ask anyone  around here what their favorite burger joint is, most people are going to say In-N- Out.  Head over there anytime you are in town and be sure to get your fries animal style!

3.You Call the San Fernando Valley, “The Valley” or “SFV”.

The best way to spot a native is to listen to their lingo! Rarely do the residents of the San Fernando Valley refer to it as such, unless they are talking to an out-of-towner. Let’s face it. The name is just too long! Everyone will know what valley you are referring to when you utter “The Valley.” But if that is to vague for you, then try the much more descriptive, but equally as short, “SFV” and you will be sure to pass as one of our own!

4. When Travelling You Will Probably Opt For The Burbank Airport Instead of LAX.

Chances are that most Valley natives have had to travel through LAX at one point or another and the truth is that we probably all hated that experience. Long lines, delays, and just a tad too crowded. No thank you! When travelling domestically, the Burbank Airport provides all the comfort you need, including shorter lines and a speedy trip through customs. Not to mention, the Burbank Airport is about three times smaller than LAX, so the parking is infinitely better! This is one of the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley!


5. You Have To Drive 30 Minutes To Get To The Beach.

Here’s the thing. When you’re on vacation and you tell people you’re from California, most of them probably picture you living in a condo on the beach. Such is not the case for Valley residents because we have to commute for our fun in the sun! And while the Valley is near some pretty beautiful beaches, getting there is going to take a while. This brings me to my next point!

6.Sitting In Traffic Is The Norm.

The 101 to the 405 interchange is probably one of the worst traffic jams you will experience. Something that should probably take 5 minutes will easily take 45 minutes. The 405 is known as the largest parking lot in the world  among all us cynics. Even if you take the street, you’ll probably sit in traffic at some point in your commute. To prepare for the inevitable, be sure to stock up your playlist and assemble some podcasts because it’s going to be a long drive! This is one of the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley!


7. You’ve Probably Ran Into a Celebrity!

Being that The Valley is in close proximity to Hollywood, there is a chance you’ve seen some famous faces around. Some celebrities choose to leave the hassle of Hollywood and retreat to the more secluded areas around the LA area. Some have even chosen to live in places like Encino and Sherman Oaks. This means that the next time you ask yourself if the girl at the Whole Foods checkout was Kim Kardashian, it was probably her.

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8.Everyone Is In Gym Clothes!

Athleisure is really having a moment in fashion right now and apparently everyone in the Valley is really embracing this new trend! Long gone are the days of  tight blue jeans. It’s more comfortable counterpart – the legging- is taking over. Leggings of every conceivable style and color are flooding the streets of the SFV. Style them with a color- coordinated top and Nike shoes and you are as good as native. Don’ forget to throw on an Adidas jacket over your ensemble and you are good to go! This is one of the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley!

9.At Least One Of Your Relatives Has Gone To CSUN!

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is a staple among Valley residents. It is distinguished for its diverse student body and its Teaching Credential program. Students around the valley flock to CSUN, not only for its rigorous academic programs, but also for it’s picturesque campus. It has an orchard! Given that it’s a favorite educational institution around town, chances are you know someone who has attended school there. Go Matadors!


10. One Of Your Favorite Hangouts is the Mall.

The San Fernando Valley is home to a myriad of malls. You have the Northridge Mall, the Topanga Mall, and The Sherman Oaks Mall.  If you have been living in The Valley for a while, it likely that you have spent some time walking around one of these establishments looking for the latest fashion trends and raiding the food court. Since it can get hot and dry here, being in an air conditioned mall seems ideal. Besides, most malls are in close proximity of anyone’s house, so the drive isn’t bad at all! This is one of the true signs that you are from the San Fernando Valley!

Which of these things do you relate to if you are from the San Fernando Valley? Let us know in the comments.

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