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20 Signs You Are From The Region

20 Signs You Are From The Region

Where are all my region rats at? Not sure if that is a compliment or an insult but here are 20 things the region rats can all relate to.

Where are all my region rats at? Living in Northwest Indiana automatically gives the rest of the world a reason to call you a rat. Not sure if that is a compliment or an insult but here are 20 things the Region rats can all relate to.

1. You pretend you are from Chicago because nobody knows what the Region is.

Anytime I’ve gone somewhere in southern Indiana or out of state, people look at me strange when I say I’m from [insert any city in Northwest Indiana]. To prevent this awkwardness, region rats just say Chicago when they are asked where they are from because we relate to this big city more than we do to the rest of Indiana.

20 Signs You Are From The Region

2. When people realize you live in the vicinity of Gary, they immediately assume you live in some war zone.

This is not the case boys and girls. Northwest Indiana has some super nice areas with super friendly people! It’s like we are all one big family.

3. You take frequent trips to Chicago.

Why not go to downtown Chicago every weekend and go eat some bomb food? It is only like thirty minutes away.

20 Signs You Are From The Region


4. You get cornfields and city lights in one.

Travel 30 minutes north and bam you are in downtown Chicago. Travel 30 minutes south and you’ll see windmills, corn, and cows.

5. Head to the beach and experience the scenic view of a mill.

What a view. Unfortunately, it is the closest we get to a tropical getaway. Not to mention, you can also see Chicago’s skyline on the horizon. So close, yet so far away:/

20 Signs You Are From The Region

6. The “first date” locations here in “Da Region” include the 49’er movie theatre or the Southlake Mall.

Unless you want to hop on a train to Chicago, this is about all we have to do on our summer nights.

7. Your favorite movie is “A Christmas Story” because the storyline takes place in the 219.

One of the rare movies that actually takes place in Northwest Indiana! I was sad to find out the movie was not actually filmed in Hammond; rather, the story just takes place here.

20 Signs You Are From The Region

8. You secretly love corn and attend all the fairs to get your hands on some.

The region has some of the best corn and we all head over to the Lake and Porter County Fairs to enjoy some with our friends.

9. You experience all four seasons in one day.

At 5 am it’s winter, 8 am it’s fall, 10 am you are in the midst of spring and by 12 pm you are transitioning into summer. At sunset you better throw your jacket back on because we are starting all over again.

20 Signs You Are From The Region

10. Target and Walmart are the go-to store.

These stores are literally on every corner and you are bound to run into someone you know. So, hopefully today you actually got out of your pj’s to pick up those groceries.

11. We have our own filter on Snapchat, so that’s pretty cool.

Finally, something to make us feel special! We are no longer the “area by Chicago.” Now anyone traveling through Northwest Indiana can know the name of this important area we call home.

20 Signs You Are From The Region

12. You have been told you have a Chicago accent at least once in your life.

However, Chicagoans will never admit this to you because they secretly don’t like us. We are still from the state of Indiana that is.

13. “Lincoln Carry Outs” is low key the place to go for some grub.

The Bunny Girl and Steel Worker are where it’s at.

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20 Signs You Are From The Region

14. You only associate with Illinois sports teams.

Who are the Colts again?

15. You forget that Indianapolis has a different time zone.

Same state, different time zone. Who knew.

20 Signs You Are From The Region

16. You know that Purdue and Indiana University are complete rivalries.

Families legit split up over this. Hoosiers all the way though.

17. “Lake-effect snow” is really a thing.

Thanks Lake Michigan! We love the blizzard-like conditions you often bring to us 🙂

20 Signs You Are From The Region

18. High school was never cancelled unless there was at least 30 feet of snow.

It’s okay kids. It’s not like some of you have to drive on unplowed roads during a blizzard.

19. Soda? It’s called pop.

Only the south calls it soda. Here in the region we drink pop.20 Signs You Are From The Region

20. You’ll always miss the 219.

No matter how much you hate Northwest Indiana now and say you want to get out, the minute you leave you will miss all the things that make it unique. The close-knit community, the trains, the good corn, and even the snow will never be forgotten down at college no matter how far away you choose to go.

 What are some other signs you’re from the Region? Let us know down below!
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