13 Friendsgiving Party Ideas That Will Make You Want To Have Your Own

Spending Thanksgiving with friends has quickly become incredibly trendy and we can see why. Struggling to come up with a theme for this year’s Friendsgiving? We’ve got some inspiration for you!

1. Gilmore Girls Chow Down

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are true foodies. The amount of food they can consume in one sitting is crazy and they pride themselves on having a good variety as well, especially on holidays like Thanksgiving. These ladies are the perfect inspiration for a very lowkey and laid back Friendsgiving party. Whether you are in the mood for some takeout of the Thai, Chinese, or Vietnamese variety like the Gilmore Girls order-in frequently, or a traditional American meal from the likes of Luke’s Diner, these meals are perfect for the host who is not the most experienced cook or if you are just in need a break from cooking. As a big fan of Gilmore Girls, myself this is definitely a high contender on my list!

13 Friendsgiving Party Ideas That Will Make You Want To Have Your Own

2. Family Style Buffet

If you plan on having some help in the kitchen or just love to cook and bake, the classic family-style buffet is a great Friendsgiving option for you this year! This type of Friendsgiving is so cozy and makes everyone feel so at home. I have been to my fair share of Friendsgivings with this type of set up and they are so lovely, especially in college if some of you are not able to make it home for the holidays. This is also a great idea for a sorority event if you are involved with greek life! Having all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes spread out over a bar with simple decorations is sure to be a hit!

3. A Homage To F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

If you are more of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan than a Gilmore Girls fan, then take a shot at having a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed Friendsgiving! All you really need for this type of Friendsgiving party is, of course, your friends and whatever the Monica in your group of friends wants to cook that day. If you want to get your friends more involved and get creative, then assign each of the people in your friend group a character from the show to dress up as. This will make for some super cute photo opportunities as well as an entertaining conversation for the true fans! If you are really feeling inspired, finish off the day with a fun game of touch football to work off some of that delicious food and celebrate in the true spirit of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

4. Wine and Dine In The Park

Feeling like a more bougie Friendsgiving with lots of time spent outdoors with your best friends? Then a picnic in the park with some seasonal wine and appetizers is a great option for you. This is particularly perfect if your friends have more than one event to go to on Thanksgiving day as they will not get too full but will have a wonderful selection to warm up their pallets. A great option is a nice, dry red wine accompanied with a variety of cheese and crackers! Set up for this is also super easy as all you will need is a few blankets, a picnic basket containing all the delicacies, and some basic dishware to eat and drink out of. These components combined with a beautiful view and wonderful friends sounds like a relaxing and intimate evening.

5. Drive-In Dinner

If you are attending a family Thanksgiving but also want to spend time with your friends, then going to a drive-in movie with friends is a wonderful chance to do both. This type of Friendsgiving takes minimal planning and effort, as all you need to do is purchase tickets to showtime and either buy concessions or bring your own snacks! This sounds like the coziest and one of the most informal options for a Friendsgiving party, which is great for a very lowkey friend group who wants to celebrate but also be entertained by a wonderful film at the same time. Drive-in movies are so much fun and having your best friends with you is just the cherry on top!

13 Friendsgiving Party Ideas That Will Make You Want To Have Your Own

6. Pumpkin Patch Picnic

One of the most aesthetically pleasing fall settings is a pretty pumpkin patch. A Friendsgiving at this setting is sure to be super festive and they often have vendors on location, so if you and your friends do not like to cook then you do not have to be bothered, you can just enjoy your time together. If you are more inclined to cooking delectable cuisine then bring your own food and set up along the patch for an adorable picnic! This is the perfect quintessential fall day and is sure to make such a fun Friendsgiving.

7. Bougie Bonfire

Another night time friendly Friendsgiving party idea is a bonfire. This is great if you live in a chillier climate and if you love the outdoors of course. It is also another option for those of you who have friends with more than one obligation for the day. Even if you just meet up for some smores for dessert with a cup of warm hot cocoa, this is bound to be a hit. The night sky makes the perfect backdrop for spending quality time with the ones you love!

13 Friendsgiving Party Ideas That Will Make You Want To Have Your Own

8. Big Ole Brunch

Brunch is known for endless mimosas and all sorts of yummy entrees, not the usual way to celebrate Friendsgiving, but one of my favorite ideas on this list. As a breakfast lover myself, I may be biased, but a brunch sounds super fun! Again, if you have a lot of people to see on Thanksgiving, or just plan on retreating into a food coma induced nap in the afternoon, celebrating in the morning or early afternoon is a wonderful option. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a little dressed up and drinking mimosas with friends?

9. Perfect Potluck

A more classic avenue is the Friendsgiving potluck. This party idea is great for the busy folk out there who only have time, or the motivation, to cook one dish. A potluck allows you to really get out of the kitchen and join the conversation. It is also a good way to try some new dishes. If everyone you invite brings a dish that their family would traditionally make, it is an experience for the pallet and brings opportunity for meaningful conversation!

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10. Prosecco and Pie Party

Another Friendsgiving party idea that is more on the bougie side, is a little prosecco and wine gathering. At this party, each of your friends would make and bring a different kind of pie and alcoholic beverage of their choice. That way, each person would get to try a variety of these tasty, flakey desserts and a nice wine or prosecco pairing elevates the event a little!

13 Friendsgiving Party Ideas That Will Make You Want To Have Your Own

11. Flash From The Past

If you are in college or have recently graduated, then this Friendsgiving party idea is for you! A truly nostalgic event filled with crafts we all used to do in elementary school such as the good old fashioned hand turkey and decorating pumpkins, plus a variety of yummy snack options will make you feel like a kid again. The photo opportunities are priceless and abundant; for a fun challenge, have everyone bring a photo of them from a Thanksgiving past and attempt to recreate the photos.

12. Progressive Dinner Party

If you and your friends are lucky enough to live fairly close together, then something called a progressive dinner party may be the perfect way for you to spend Friendsgiving. A progressive dinner party is when you go to a different friend’s house for each course. For instance, you would host people at your house for say drinks and appetizers, then you would all move onto someone else’s home for entrees, and so on until you have eaten a full Thanksgiving meal. It is so fun and makes preparation way less than it would be for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner!


If you and your friends have children, throw a PEANUTS-themed Friendsgiving. You can keep your kids busy with the various movies and music from this franchise while you socialize! The decoration options are endless and incredibly adorable, you could even DIY some of them. The food options can be more casual with this theme as well, like finger foods and kid-friendly cuisine! This type of Friendsgiving is sure to be one that the entire family can enjoy.

Any of these Friendsgiving party ideas are sure to be a fun event with the friends you hold so dear! What are some of your favorite Friendsgiving party experiences? Let us know in the comments!
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