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Ultimate Guide to Freshman Dorms on SJU Campus

Ultimate Guide to Freshman Dorms on SJU Campus

If you’re reading this then you are almost definitely an incoming SJU resident student and that means you need the inside scoop on freshman dorms on campus, so without further ado let’s get started!


1. Donovan Hall

Donovan, also known as D-Block for its supposed likeness to a prison according to residents, is the cheapest dorm available. Each room can have anywhere from three to four beds per room, with a bathroom you share with the room next door. There’s usually a max of three closets per room, so if there’s four people somebody has to share. Other than that, Donovan is a pretty standard dormitory and despite some people’s complaints, it isn’t that bad. The unique thing about Donovan is that it has Learning Communities for the Honors Program and Pharmacy students, so you have the chance to live with people you’ll actually be taking classes with.


2. Hollis Hall

Hollis, or Alcohollis, received its nickname based on the fact that this dorm never stops. Like ever. I work there in the mornings as an RSM and even as early as 7 AM when my shift starts, people are lining up to be signed in. Aside from the party mode that always seems to permeate Hollis, it is a suite style set up with a common room, a bathroom and bedrooms that are singles, doubles, triples or even quadruples. The nice thing about living in a suite style is having the common area to socialize with your roommates. This area is complete with a mini fridge, tables, couches and chairs.
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3. DaSilva Hall

The nickname that DaSilva has received, DrugSilva, speaks for itself, and rounds out the prison/alcohol/drug scenario. DaSilva is definitely one of the nicest of the three dorms, a little more chill than Hollis and more active than Donovan. The dorms are again suite style, with singles, doubles or triples, and from what I’ve heard they are better maintained and much nicer in general. The rooms in DaSilva also boast the common areas and bathrooms like Hollis, they’re just more open since the bedrooms only go up to triples.



So, let’s do a recap…


Donovan is the cheapest dorm to live in, usually populated by triples and quads with the occasional double, and is known for looking like a prison.

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Hollis is nicer and suite style, more expensive than Donovan, and is known for being the party dorm.


Finally, DaSilva is the most expensive dorm and the nicest of the three, being known as less of a party dorm than Hollis but more active than Donovan. Hollis and DaSilva offer the suite style with a personal common room, and the option to have a single.

All freshman dorms

All freshmen dorms have lounges on every floor though, including kitchens, game rooms and study areas. I hope this gives some insight from a recent freshman on some characteristics of each freshman dorm, and good luck choosing!

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